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New Haltech Platinum Pro PnP for R32, R33

November 16th, 2009 Comments off

Haltech has just released its Platinum Pro plug and play ecu just in time for the holidays! With the Haltech Platinum Pro, there will be no need to get tangled up in wiring, it’s a direct replacement of the factory computer! Click here for more info. Now if only wrapping presents were this easy…

“Got a ‘Juice Box’ Where My Chip Used to Be…”

October 21st, 2009 Comments off

Ready to take your BMW twin turbo to the next level? How does an additional 80hp and 80tq to the wheels on an otherwise stock car on pump gas sound? How about up to 180hp and 155tq to the wheels on a fully modified car on race gas? Then Burger Motorsports’ new Juice Box 3 is just the product you’ve been waiting for. Bettering upon previous models, Stage 3 improvements include crank position for full 4D engine mapping, air intake temperature for on the fly thermal loading adjustments, direct solenoid control for precise spike free boost control, throttle input for factory like drivability, and fuel pressure control for diagnostic invisibility. In addition, new internal safeguards such as over-boost protection, boost spike protection, and maximum allowable boost solenoid offsets have been incorporated making the JB3 one of the safest tunes available.

Burger has also made installation a snap! Because the JB3 was designed from the ground up specifically for the N54 platform, Burger was able to optimize the unit for reliability and ease of install. The JB3 does not require complicated external power or ground taps which can leave tell tale signs of modification or trigger detection codes, making it the only true plug and play N54 system available. The JB3 box and harness are designed to fit discretely in the ECU compartment with no visible signs of modification. JB3 is offered with two wiring harnesses. Plug and play (PnP), and professional (pin-out). The PNP includes color matched sub-connectors and does not require counting/extracting ECU pins. Installation takes only 15-20 minutes. The pin-out (suggested for more experienced enthusiasts) uses OEM BMW pins in similar manner to JB1 and JB2, and has an install time of 30-45 minutes. Neither version requires the solenoid bypass or any vacuum line changes making removal a snap!


Install Video courtesy of Burger Motorsports

We have installed the Juice Box 3 on Bottle’s 335i, and he loves it. Installation was straight forward as indicated by Burger, and the performance was right on the money. Look for possible track footage  in future posts.