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Show Coverage : Festivals of Speed Orlando presented by Titan Motorsports

December 5th, 2012 Comments off

With the PRI Show over we loaded up our gear and headed straight to the Ritz Carlton for the Orlando Festivals of Speed. We’ve had the pleasure of displaying at the majority of the FOS events taking place and each year they somehow up the bar in terms of providing a quality show for exotic and performance cars to be displayed. This year was no different as high quality cars flooded the of the well manicured courtyards of the Ritz Carlton for the thousands in attendance to enjoy.

Cars on Display in the Titan Motorsports Booth :
Titan Motorsports Outlaw Supra
Titan Motorsports Gallardo TT
Titan Motorsports Nissan GTR (white)
Titan Motorsports Nissan GTR (grey)
Titan Motorsports Porsche 996 GT3 (white)
JB’s Ferrari 599GTB
JB Renntech Mercedes S63

We had the pleasure of having Bradi S and Veronika Sznajder representing Titan Motorsports all weekend providing additional beauty to the great machinery in our booth. A big thank you to our client JB for spending the day with us and displaying his tastefully modified Ferrari 599 and Mercedes S63 which we’ve had the pleasure of modifying for him. We’ll definitely be back for more of the Festivals of Speed next year in Orlando and look forward to venturing out to their other shows, including a recently announced trip to Amelia Island in March.

Dyno Files : Alex Job Racing visits Titan Motorsports with Lotus Evora and 997 Cup

May 23rd, 2012 Comments off

Here in the sunshine state we’re blessed to have a great weather year round that results in many professional race teams calling Florida home. One such team that’s local to us is Alex Job Racing, who fields top cars in both the Grand Am and the ALMS series. AJR needed to do some baseline tuning on their cars and brought both their 997 Porsche Cup Car and Lotus Evora race cars by to strap them on our Dynojet 424 LC2. The cars were in the middle of being serviced between rounds and were naked of their body panels allowing us to see the great engineering that goes into the purpose built road racing cars. As with all professional race teams the final numbers will be kept a secret, but it was great to have the team at our facilities and the beautiful soundtrack these cars provided to start our day.

Titan Motorsports Project 996 GT3 gets HRE R40 Monoblock Wheels

May 2nd, 2012 Comments off

The latest project car in our stable, my Porsche 996 GT3 just received a fresh set of gloss black 18″ HRE R40 Monoblock wheels.

The R40 was designed for motorsports and is used by countless teams in both drifting and Grand Am. The HRE R40 starts with super lightweight 6061 castings and are engineered to be as light as possible without sacrificing strength, all while offering maximum brake clearance. This particular set weighs in at just over 18lbs front and 20lbs rear, saving over 30lbs of rotational weight from the vehicle.

Titan Motorsports carries the complete line of HRE custom forged wheels for all applications, let one of our sales staff help the right wheel and finish for you.

One Lap of America – Daytona International Speedway Stop

May 6th, 2011 Comments off

This week the One Lap of America has been weaving its way across the country attacking various race tracks around the country. If you never heard of the One Lap, it’s the modern day Cannonball Run where street cars compete at race tracks each day and then must drive to the next track hundreds of miles away. The cars compete for 7-8 days, over 3500 miles and must use the same set of street tires with a tread ware of 140 or greater. For complete details, rules and this years route, check out

After a last minute attempt to run the event this year’s event fell through, we decided to check out the competition first hand at their stop at Daytona International Speedway about an hour away.

With no support vehicles allowed competitors must pack everything they need into their cars. While on track all of the support items, clothing, etc must exit the vehicle so many competitors turn to creative storage methods not limited to roof racks, storage containers, and even support trailers.

Our good friend Leh Keen was the current leader in Daytona and the favorite to win the event overall. Leh is a professional race car driver who competes in both Grand Am and ALMS. Last year he won the competition in a well prepared 996 GT2, this year he chose to up the ante with a Topspeed prepared GTR. Having seen video and data from their test sessions, I am truly impressed with how this GTR performs. At Daytona the car was turning times within 1-2 seconds of the Rolex 24 race times, on a Michelin Pilot Super Sport Street Tire!

Like any race, competitors are looking for anything to give them that additional edge. With tires being a limited factor, brake and aerodynamic upgrades are a popular modification. The Alegra Motorsports Nissan GTR Featured an Aeromotions wing, very similar to the one we use on Joshua Barnes Time Attack Supra. The automated adjustment reduced down force on the straightaways and banking at Daytona, allowing for an additional 6mph top speed over a similar car using a fixed large wing blade.

This CRX used tire warmers to help get the most out of the high tread ware tires required. With no testing and your first 3 laps determining your time, the advantage of going out on warm tires was likely worth hauling around this piece of extra equipment. I must say however that having owned a few gutted Hondas in my younger years, it wouldn’t be my first choice for a vehicle to drive cross country with between events.

Roush decided that the race would be a perfect proving ground to show off what their latest Mustang upgrade packages could do. They brought out 2 Roush Mustangs straight off the Showroom floor, with Jack Roush Jr and Billy Johnson behind the wheel. These cars featured the new Coyote engine with a supercharged bolted to it and looked and sounded great, unfortunately their factory tune included a factory rev limit allowing only 145mph on the high banks.

The One Lap is a grueling race, with rigorous street sessions (sometimes 400-650 miles between stops)driving directly after track sessions, mechanical gremlins and driver exhaustion/error can take their toll. Not all vehicles complete the race as a result, this GT3RS suffered a clutch failure and needed a tow to the local dealer. In the spirit of the journey a clutch was overnighted, installed and the drivers continued after only missing 1 event.

During the lunchtime break competitors were allowed parade laps around the famed tri-oval, we were fortunate enough to get out there in my Z4M and make a few laps, scratching another line off my bucket list. If you’ve never driven on high banking, it’s quite the experience and takes a bit to get used to, I’m looking forward to running Daytona at the end of the year at a higher pace. After seeing the event first hand we’re even more anxious to put together an effort to run the 2012 One Lap.

Celebration Exotic Car Festival 2010

April 20th, 2010 Comments off

This weekend we had the pleasure of attending the annual Celebration Exotic Car Festival in nearby Celebration,FL. This great show benefits the Special Olympics and featured hundreds of exotics scattered around downtown Celebration.