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Titan Motorsports attends FL Citrus PCA Drivers Education at Roebling Road

November 20th, 2012 Comments off

A few weekends back we took our Porsche GT3 to Roebling Road in Savannah for another great DE event with the Florida Citrus Region of the Porsche Club of America. Most of our fans know us from our days drag racing, but truth be told in our off time we enjoy spending time on various road courses around the Southeast any chance we can get. There are many great organizations such as Porsche Club of America, PBOC, Chin and SCCA who offer affordable opportunities to get started on driving on the track. Contrary to popular belief track driving initially isn’t as expensive as most make it out to be, as a first timer or introductory track driver you can get on track with a well maintained vehicle with nothing more than some high temperature brake fluid and standard performance tires. Most organizations will offer or provide experience instructors to help escalate your learning curve and keep you save on track for your first track experience and the many more that are likely to follow once you get hooked. We provide the necessary pre-track inspections here at Titan Motorsports and can provide any pre-track work needed to make sure you weekend is a success.