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Haltech to host Technical Seminar at Titan Motorsports May 4th and 5th

April 23rd, 2013 Comments off

Due to popular demand Haltech will be holding another Technical Seminar here at Titan Motorsports in Orlando, Florida on May 4th and 5th.

Date: May 4th and 5th
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Location: Titan Motorsports 11370 Boggy Creek Road, Orlando FL 32824
Cost: $250 per person including a catered lunch on the Saturday

Seminar details and topics covered:
During this seminar attendees will be introduced to Haltech’s Platinum Series ECUs and shown how to setup and start an engine from scratch, including crank/cam trigger setup, ignition setup and base fuelling setup. This class will be an intense introduction to Haltech Engine Management targeted at individuals with some tuning experience, a laptop is REQUIRED for all attendees so each student can follow on and learn with the Haltech ECU manager software in a hands on way.

Seminar Topics
· Haltech Platinum ECU product range overview
· EFI system and component overview
· ECU Manager tuning software, setup and shortcuts
· How to setup and start an engine from scratch
· Flex-Fuel setup and tuning
· Advanced features Q & A time with our training staff

Information presented during the Seminar will be accompanied with live demonstrations and simulations as well as a comprehensive take home booklet for all attendees.
Spaces are limited so contact us now to reserve your place!

Please call Haltech USA at 760-598-1941 or e-mail to reserve your seat.

Motec releases M84 Plug-In ECU kits for bikes.

February 13th, 2012 Comments off

MoTeC Systems USA is now offering dedicated Plug-In ECU Kits for bike engines based on MoTeC’s new M84 ECU. These convenient, cost effective solutions are fully programmable, direct replacements for factory ECUs on a number of popular models, giving customers adjustable control over fuel and ignition. The complete package includes the new M84 ECU*, an Adapter Box (with spare inputs/outputs), the necessary wiring and mounting hardware, plus additional model-specific modules or sensors that may be required.

Features include: progressive nitrous • boost control • shift control including gear change ignition cut • shift light • full staged injection • Lambda control.



• Fully enabled MoTeC M84 ECU*
– includes Advanced Functions, Wideband Lambda and Data Logging
• Adapter Box for stock wiring harness
• Wiring Harness (Adapter Box to ECU)
• UTC Adapter (USB to CAN)
• Bosch 4 Channel Ignitor
• LSU 4.9 Lambda Sensor
• Mounting hardware
• Base ECU Map

The Adapter Box also includes a 26 pin spare connector for the easy addition of extra sensors and outputs.

The complete kit retails for $3,995.00 for additional pricing or information please call or email us.