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UK Supra / Texas Mile

June 1st, 2011 Comments off

Check out this amazing Supra from one of our good customers in the UK, Amir Mohyuddin. The car puts down an amazing 1300HP on a GT55 and is currently the most powerful Supra in the UK and is the highest “standing mile” MPH Supra in Europe.

Engine Specifications:
• Titan 3.4 Stroker Kit
• Titan Billet Mains
• New OEM Block
• Titan Cam gears
• Titan SFI Crank Pulley
• Titan Billet Timing belt CNC Tensioner
• Custom Cody Phillips Oil sump with increased capacity
• Custom C.Phillips Oilway modifications to the block
• Custom remote re-useable high flow oil filter
• ARP 1/2″ Head studs
• Custom 1/2″ HG
• Big port and valve race head
• Ferrea valves, guides, locks, retainers and springs
• Jun 272 Cams
• ARP Main studs
• Single fogger 150 shot Nitrous, with CNC Mounts
• Electric Water pump
• VWR Twin electric fans with VWR Shroud
• Fluidyne polished Radiator
• Braided B/C and FPR lines
• New OEM Oil Pump
• Custom polished belly pan
• Custom ABS Delete

Turbocharger & Induction:
• VWR T6 Exhaust Manifold with Jet coating
• VWR 4.5″ Turbo back Exhaust System
• VWR Polished Intake Manifold
• VWR Custom 6″ Polished Intake
• VWR Custom Intercooler
• VWR Polished Piping with Strapping
• VWR Modified Water necks -Upper and Lower
• VWR Radiator Hard Pipes -Upper and Lower
• VWR P/S block off
• Polished GT47-80 Turbo with VWR Compressor Insert -Street Use
• Tial 44mm Wastegate
• Tial BOV

Fuel, Tuning & ECU:
• FAST Motorsports 2150cc Injectors
• Titan Fuel Rail
• Aeromotive FPR
• Custom braided fuel lines and fittings
• Weldon 2035A Fuel Pump (From Titan)
• Custom Weldon Bracket and Sump
• Motec M800 Ecu with Advanced features and 1mb Logging
• Motec ADL
• Motec SLM
• Motec 5 bar map sensor
• Custom Shane.T Loom for ADL

• VWR 4.5″ Turbo back Exhaust system
• VWR T6 Exhaust Manifold
• Custom Twin Dump Pipes

• Tilton Triple Plate Carbon Clutch
• TRD differential
• Diff Mounts
• DSS 1 Piece Driveshaft with Billet adapter
• Custom DS Loop
• ARP Extended wheel nuts

Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes:
• HKS Drag Coilovers
• CCW LM20 18X11 Rears with custom Offset
• CCW LM20 18X10 Fronts with Custom offset
• Weld 15×10 RT-S
• MT 28″S Drag Slicks Rears – 1/4 Mile Use
• MT 325/50/15 Drag Radial Rears – Street Use
• Hoosier 310 Slicks Rears -Mile use
• Toyo R888 255/45/18 Fronts- Street and Mile Use
• Weld 17×4.5 Skinnies – Drag Use
• Strange Drag brake setup

Interior & ICE:
• Recaro Leather Seats
• AEM Uego AFR Guage
• Motec ADL Dash
• Motec SLM Unit
• Remote Fan and Water pump switches
• Remote NOS Purge Switch
• Remote NOS Arming switch
• Linelock Switch
• Custom 10 point cage with removeable door bars
• Simpson Window Net
• 5 Point Harness
• Parachute activation switch
• Sparco Steering Wheel

• 98 Front Bumper
• 98 Sides
• 98 Headlights and tail-lights
• Simpson Parachute =Removable
• Carbon Paisley Front Lip
• Custom Bumper blockers

Parts from Titan
Tuned by Shane.T
Built by C.Phillips

Titan Treks To Texas Mile

April 2nd, 2010 Comments off

Last week a few of the Titan employees made a pilgrimage to the ‘Texas Mile’, catching a late flight after work we arrived to Houston with a 3 hour drive to our hotel still ahead of us, but the journey is half the fun. We awoke Saturday morning and went downstairs grab breakfast, while there we saw Ryan Woon from Wide Open Throttle Motorsports, Chris Johnson from Performance Motorsport and Cody Phillips. We took the scenic route out to the airstrip where the event is held and saw a few small towns as well as some great back roads that would have been a lot of fun in a faster car (we rented a Dodge Charger).

This was the first ‘Texas Mile’ for everyone in our group, but not the first standing mile competition we had been to. A few months earlier several of us had attended the ‘Mile Marker 1’ event in Miami. The ‘Texas Mile’ was highly organized, and we were able to get signed in and out to the starting grid in just a few minutes. There were lots of trailers and it was still fairly early so we got a chance to see several of the cars with their skirts up being worked on. There was just about every kind of sports car you could imagine present at the event. There were Porsches, Corvettes, Vipers, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and many more. I was most surprised to see some of the old hot-rods that looked like they were land speed cars that would attend Bonneville or a similar event as well as the classic Detroit muscle cars complete with enormous engines.

When the cars began to run the mile, one by one they would leave the line and head off into the heat-waves coming off the track. There were quite a few displays setup around the track to post up the speeds the cars were achieving. Several bikes and cars went well over the “magic” 200mph barrier, an accomplishment in itself, but the fastest cars were hitting 240+ and one of the bikes hit 260+…I can only imagine what that would feel like in a car much less a motorcycle.

Overall the event was great, well organized, lots of fun for both the competitors and spectators, and they ordered up some excellent weather. If you ever have the chance to make it out to the ‘Texas Mile’, it’s a trip you won’t forget!