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New Mustang Gets Weld Wheels and KW Suspension

October 19th, 2010 Comments off

After installing the Stoptech brakes on Bottle’s 2011 Mustang, the next step was getting the suspension dialed in.

For this, we chose to go with the KW Clubsport coilovers. KW Clubsports were developed for those who demand a better handling car when participating in track day events, but also require a setup that can be used every day.

The KW Clubsports are height adjustable and feature independent compression and rebound settings.

By using the optional adjustable top mounts, the suspension geometry can be adjusted to the requirements of tires and the intended use.

The Wheels are the all new Weld Racing RT-S 18×9.5 (Front) and 18×10 (Rear) wrapped in Falken Azenis RT615’s.

Stay tuned, performance goodies coming soon…

Porsche 997 Carrera S gets a Full Make Over

February 9th, 2010 Comments off

This beautiful Porsche Carrera S made its way through our shop for some performance upgrades. The owner was looking to use the car for track days and the occasional car show, and wanted a car that handled as well as it looked. We started off by installing a set of KW Variant 3 coilovers and StopTech Big Brake kit front and rear before having the car corner balanced and aligned. A Clutchmasters Clutch was also installed with a lightweight flywheel to make for easier rev matches when tackling local road courses such as Sebring International.

With the performance upgrades out of the way, the customer wanted to make sure the car had an aggressive look to go with the upgraded performance. The customer chose a Vorsteiner front and rear bumper with carbon fiber accents. For the rear wing he wanted to stand out from the pack with a side mounted adjustable wing blade, this particular wing is common in the aftermarket for turbos versions of the 997, but had not been previously made for a Carrera. Rather than tell the customer it was not available we contacted our good friends at MA Shaw who made a custom mold and narrow wing blade for the vehicle. The end results is a wing that is lighter than stock, super functional, all while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

The body shop completed the visual upgrades to the car late last week, just in time for the car to take home a plaque at the 6th Annual Cars for the Cure show this weekend. An award winning Porsche that can comfortable be driven on the street during the week and tear up the track on the weekends, who can argue with that.

More Updates to Project 996tt : KW Clubsports and OMP Velocita Steering Wheel.

February 4th, 2009 1 comment

We received our KW Clubsport suspension which will be installed tomorrow before going for a nice alignment courtesy of master tech Jim at Porsche Orlando. KW is a leader in coilover suspensions and is the OEM unit found on the Viper ACR. KW was out of stock in the US but overnighted these in from Germany to make sure we’d have them in time for our busy next few weeks of events. I can’t wait to get some time out on the track to get these dialed in and really put the car to work.

We also received our OMP Velocita Steering Wheel and Lifeline quick release hub. We’ll be installing a GMG rollbar in the car, as well as a set of Status racing new 5 point harnesses and racing setas in the coming weeks. We don’t plan on daily driving the car, so by installing the wheel we where able shed some weight and get rid of the airbag (which won’t do us much good once fastened securely in our harnesses).

You may also notice that the radio is torn appart, gone is the OEM Navigation which hasn’t received updates since 01, and in it’s place will go Sony’s newest single Din player the CDX-GT930UI. This radio has everything we need all in one compact unit, allowing us to enjoy our tunes and save weight. A rear USB Port allows for easy iPod adaptivity so we will always have some much needed tunes on our way to the local race track. I’ll post some pictures of the unit once we get done installing it later this week. In place of the factory navigation screen we will be mounting 2 Titan Wideband gauges to monitor each bank as well as a Greddy Profec B boost controller to keep a close eye on our boost levels.