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Titan Motorsports MKIV Supra Replacement Polycarbonate Windshield and Rear Window

October 18th, 2012 Comments off

Titan Motorsports is proud to offer a direct replacement polycarbonate front and rear window kit for the MKIV Toyota Supra. Manufactured from 3/16” thick polycarbonate utilizing the same exact shape and contour of the OEM windshield and rear window allows the replacement to be glued in with all factory seals and trim being retained. A permanent screen printed black out border is applied prior to shipping providing a scratch and flake resistant coating to hide the sealant used for permanent installation. Replacing the factory glass with polycarbonate offers a significant vehicle weight savings typically shedding 10-12lbs for each piece, netting a total weight savings of over 20lbs with front and rear glass replaced.

These windows have a permanent anti-fog coating installed from the factory as well as a durable mar-resistant coating to provide chemical resistance and limit light abrasion. For vehicles traveling at high speeds for extended periods of time we do suggest installing bracing to prevent deflection.

Available Now on our Website :
Titan MKIV Supra Polycarbonite Windshield
Titan MKIV Supra Polycarbonite Rear Window