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Titan Grabs Second Win In A Row

June 16th, 2010 Comments off

Summer isn’t the only thing bringing the heat in 2010. The Team from Titan Motorsports was at it again in Martin Michigan for the ADRL Summer Drags VI. Coming off of a strong win in Virginia and recently joining the Mickey Thompson 3 Second Club, Titan and the Scion came through with another dominating performance.

After a few rain delays in Martin on Friday, the track was finally cleared to begin the qualifying runs. In the first qualifying session, Gary White and the boys were just warming up, yet set the precedent for the afternoon by laying down a strong first run of 4.010@187.77mph, good enough for the number one qualifying position. In round two Gary nailed a career best trap speed with his 3.958@187.98mph! The third and fourth sessions were canceled due to more rain. Titan remained the number one qualifier.

In the first round of eliminations Titan had a bye run, and threw down a half-hearted 5.057@113.22mph, just enough to get the Scion down the track. In round two, the Scion was staged with L.J. Wood Jr. Gary moved around a bit initially, but wrangled it back together for a 3.985@188.06mph giving L.J. a good look at the Scion’s tail lights. For round three we were paired with the always capable Spiro Pappas, who had also joined the 3 Second Club back in August. Pappas had hurt a piston in the previous round, and their team had to hustle to get it lined up in time. Once the lights dropped, Spiro got caught sleeping a bit, and Gary took advantage, rocketing the Scion straight down the groove, posting a 3.983@187.28mph and solidifying lane choice over Billy Glidden in the final round. Ahh, the final round. Just Billy and Gary. We’ve seen this before. The stage is set. The cars are lined up. Glidden gets out of the gate first, but White reeled him in by half track posting a 3.934@190.37mph to Billy’s 4.043@179.65mph for Titan’s second win in a row.

The Titan Scion has always been consistent, and now it’s just getting faster. Titan has been raining 3’s since Valdosta and the team showcased its consistency once again in Michigan, running 3’s in all meaningful elimination rounds. Look for the team to continue the success as Titan heads to Kansas in July looking for a possible three-peat in XTF. We’ll see you at the races!

Why Are You Yelling?!

June 15th, 2010 Comments off

Okay so maybe you aren’t yelling, but brothers and owners of Titan Motorsports Bottle (left) and Nero (right) Deliwala certainly are. Find out why tomorrow when we release the results from the ADRL Summer Drags VI.

NEW HD Video of U.S. Drags III

June 7th, 2010 Comments off

Three is a Magic Number

May 26th, 2010 Comments off

After being inducted into the Mickey Thompson 3 Second Club in April after the Georgia Drags VI, Team Titan was looking to show the world that it wasn’t a fluke or isolated incident. After a little testing and tweaking, The Crew set out to Virginia Motorsports Park for the ADRL U.S .Drags III to continue the consistently low E.T.s and hopefully nail another 3 second pass or two.

On Friday’s qualifiers, Gary White and the Scion got to work quickly posting a solid 4.008@186.23mph and setting the pace for the rest of the competitors with the #1 qualifying position. In the second round of qualifying, Gary ran a slightly more conservative run and shut down early, yet still posted a respectable 4.053 Elapsed Time. During the third round The Scion had a breakage in the burn out box but the problem was quickly repaired in time for the final qualifying session, posting a career best 3.961@186.51mph, good enough for the 2nd qualifying position.

On Saturday’s first round of eliminations, Gary laid down another 3 second run, running a 3.999@185.51 mph to edge out competitor Dwayne Wolfe. In the second round the Titan Scion continued its consistency running a 4.003@186.38mph, good enough to advance past David Hance to the third round. In round three, Gary found himself up against the always competitive Jeff Naiser. Naiser threw down a quick 4.078, but it was Gary who advanced, posting another career best with a 3.956@187.05mph. In the fourth and final round Gary and the Titan Scion found themselves up against another member of the 3 second club, Todd Moyer. Moyer had edged out Gary and the Scion during the finals in Valdosta, so the tensions were high as Titan looked to strike back. Todd was looking good, posting a fast 4.030@194.55mph, but in the end it was Gary claiming the win with his best time yet, an impressive 3.952@186.74mph!

This was a great weekend for Titan and another consistent showing for The Team, posting the quickest E.T. every round of eliminations. The win this weekend has propelled Gary White to the #1 points position for the season. With the Scion running strong, Gary White at the wheel and 3’s to boot, look for Titan Motorsports to continue making noise in the upcoming ADRL races. We’ll see you at the races!

Check out the video from this weekend:

Titan Motorsports Joins the Exclusive Mickey Thompson 3 Second Club

April 30th, 2010 Comments off

In Drag racing, the primary focus is crossing the finish line before your competitor; however the clock at the end also presents additional goals as you hope to break personal bests and national records for ET and Speed. For months we have tested, changed combinations, and tested again in a quest to join the exclusive Mickey Thompson 3 second club. The requirements of this bounty are simple, be one of first five cars to run 3.999 or quicker 1/8 mile on a 10 ½ inch tire. For achieving this mammoth task Mickey Thompson awards a custom ring, a custom leather jacket and $3000.00 bounty to the first five cars into the club.

With a Toyota 2JZ 6 cylinder with only 186 cubic inches, many doubted we could be competitive against 800+ ci turbocharged, blown, and nitrous combinations. We set out to prove them wrong, and continue our quest for a 3 second pass. After solid test numbers at Alabama International Dragway last week, driver Gary White and Team Titan were excited to travel to Valdosta for the ADRL Georgia Drags with our Scion Tc. The weekend initially proved to be challenging, the Valdosta track was prepped better than anticipated and new challenges appeared. A mechanical issue appeared in the first qualifying session which caused us to abort the run shortly past the starting line. Crew chiefs Brett White and Eric Luzinski reviewed the data from the run and quickly diagnosed and corrected the gremlin. The second qualifying pass ended much like the first with the car leaving with limited power. Brett again reviewed the engine data and made drastic changes to the tune-up for the last qualifying pass of the night.

After testing the new tune-up on the air jacks in the pit, Brett and Eric were confident they had resolved the starting line issues that plagued the first 2 qualifying passes. The team gathered their gear and brought the car to the starting line for the final pass of the evening knowing they had made the necessary changes to get the car to go A to B and make the field. Gary being the seasoned professional he is, trusted his crew had resolved the previous rounds issues and staged the car with something to prove. As the car launched past the starting line it was apparent the car was on rails and ready to make a solid pass. As the scoreboard lit up with 3.996 at 182.45 mph, we realized exactly how solid this great pass way! After many long months of trying, Titan Motorsports had made its way into Mickey Thompson 3 Second Club and added another line in the history books. We solidified our position as the fastest import in the world, and the first ever to make a 3 second pass on 10.5 tires.

Full Event Coverage from ADRL Georgia IV Drags 2010 :

ADRL Georgia Drags VI

April 23rd, 2010 Comments off

Titan Motorsports will be racing in the ADRL Georgia Drags this weekend at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Cecil Georgia. To follow the action, check out ADRL’s website where they have a section to view Race Results, listen to Live Audio, and check out the Photo Gallery, all of which will be continually updated throughout the weekend.

A Look Back To 2009 ADRL Racing

April 1st, 2010 Comments off

Titan Motorsports Races ADRL Dragpalooza VI

March 23rd, 2010 Comments off

This weekend Team Titan, with the XTF Scion and XPS Cobalt, made the trip out to Texas to run the Dragpalooza VI at Houston Raceway Park.

After a couple of good qualifying passes on Friday night, the weather rolled in Saturday just as Pro Extreme was tacking to the track to begin qualifying. The wind picked up, temperatures dropped, and the rain began to fall. The race had to be called off.

Later, American Drag Racing League (ADRL) President and CEO Kenny Nowling made the announcement to reschedule the race and the creation of a brand-new, double-header event in response to the rainout of the ADRL’s season-opener.

The ADRL and Team Titan will return July 23-24, to Houston Raceway Park (HRP), where Dragpalooza VI will be completed in its entirety that Friday, with an all-new, yet-to-be-named ADRL national event now scheduled for the same weekend.

Although the race was canceled, we did manage to get some good qualifying passes in. Check them out:

XTF Scion:

XPS Cobalt:

Titan Welcomes XS Power Batteries As Newest Sponsor

February 11th, 2010 Comments off

Titan Motorsports has officially teamed up with XS Power Batteries. Team Titan will be running XS Power Batteries on both the XTF Scion and the XPS Cobalt. XS Power is a perfect fit for Titan. The weight savings, superior technology, and microprocessor controlled voltage will all help give Titan the extra advantage needed to stay competitive in the 2010 season in ADRL. All the batteries used in testing have all performed flawlessly and the quality is exactly what was expected from a company like XS Power.

Join us for the ADRL season opener on March 19-20th at Houston Raceway Park. Come see what the XS Powered Titan cars can do. We’ll see you at the races!

Why We Race Where We Race

January 26th, 2010 Comments off

The ADRL season is just around the corner, and as you know, we have been testing and getting the cars ready for the 2010 season. Here is the new ADRL promotional video which features a few cameos from Team Titan throughout. For all of those who wonder why we race in the ADRL, this pretty much sums it up: