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Titan Motorsports 2JZ Billet Main Caps

June 25th, 2014 Comments off

It’s no secret, we build a lot of 2JZ engines, typically we get quite a few email inquiries for advice that typically start like this

“Do I really need this part for my build”
“So and So said that they don’t have this part and it’s a waste of money”
“I don’t want to do extra machine work to my engine but want to make 1,500hp”

Every now and then the conversion starts with a nice picture like the one below that is worth well more than 1,000 words.

This particular engine was making north of 900hp with a factory shortblock setup, as you can see the factory mains decided they weren’t up to the task and the customers re-build/upgrade will now include a set of our Titan Billet Main caps.

The Titan Motorsports billet main caps are precision machined from high tensile billet steel. We developed these main caps out of necessity for our 2JZ race program and soon found them to be applicable in most street engines. With the increased boost levels seen in single and larger twin turbo setups, the factory crank pushes down on the caps often leading to stress fractures and cracks. The factory main caps were not designed for the forces required when doubling and tripling the factory horsepower and torque levels. These caps are included in our short block and race engine packages and now available separately for those building their own engines.

Titan Motorsports main caps will work with both the 2JZ-GTE engine found in the Supra turbo, as well as the 2JZ-GE engine found in non-turbocharged models. Please keep in mind that a line bore of the mains will need to be completed upon installation of these upgraded main caps. We recommend using brand new ARP Main studs and fresh bearings when installing the Titan Motorsports main caps.

Purchase on our Website: Titan Motorsports Billet Main Caps

Titan Motorsports Joins the Exclusive Mickey Thompson 3 Second Club

April 30th, 2010 Comments off

In Drag racing, the primary focus is crossing the finish line before your competitor; however the clock at the end also presents additional goals as you hope to break personal bests and national records for ET and Speed. For months we have tested, changed combinations, and tested again in a quest to join the exclusive Mickey Thompson 3 second club. The requirements of this bounty are simple, be one of first five cars to run 3.999 or quicker 1/8 mile on a 10 ½ inch tire. For achieving this mammoth task Mickey Thompson awards a custom ring, a custom leather jacket and $3000.00 bounty to the first five cars into the club.

With a Toyota 2JZ 6 cylinder with only 186 cubic inches, many doubted we could be competitive against 800+ ci turbocharged, blown, and nitrous combinations. We set out to prove them wrong, and continue our quest for a 3 second pass. After solid test numbers at Alabama International Dragway last week, driver Gary White and Team Titan were excited to travel to Valdosta for the ADRL Georgia Drags with our Scion Tc. The weekend initially proved to be challenging, the Valdosta track was prepped better than anticipated and new challenges appeared. A mechanical issue appeared in the first qualifying session which caused us to abort the run shortly past the starting line. Crew chiefs Brett White and Eric Luzinski reviewed the data from the run and quickly diagnosed and corrected the gremlin. The second qualifying pass ended much like the first with the car leaving with limited power. Brett again reviewed the engine data and made drastic changes to the tune-up for the last qualifying pass of the night.

After testing the new tune-up on the air jacks in the pit, Brett and Eric were confident they had resolved the starting line issues that plagued the first 2 qualifying passes. The team gathered their gear and brought the car to the starting line for the final pass of the evening knowing they had made the necessary changes to get the car to go A to B and make the field. Gary being the seasoned professional he is, trusted his crew had resolved the previous rounds issues and staged the car with something to prove. As the car launched past the starting line it was apparent the car was on rails and ready to make a solid pass. As the scoreboard lit up with 3.996 at 182.45 mph, we realized exactly how solid this great pass way! After many long months of trying, Titan Motorsports had made its way into Mickey Thompson 3 Second Club and added another line in the history books. We solidified our position as the fastest import in the world, and the first ever to make a 3 second pass on 10.5 tires.

Full Event Coverage from ADRL Georgia IV Drags 2010 :