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New Precision Entry Level Turbo

June 28th, 2010 Comments off

Check out this new Turbo from PTE. The Entry Level product line was created by PTE in early 2009 and is designed to outperform similarly sized, smaller “box” turbochargers from other manufacturers as well as Asian knock-off units.

Precision Turbo recently began machining new compressor covers to allow for the creation of an additional unit to the Entry Level line. Known as the 5431B, this turbocharger is a journal bearing unit that comes standard with a 360° thrust bearing system for enhanced durability and longevity. This turbo also flows approximately 48 lbs/min which can support an estimated 480FWHP (flywheel horsepower).

The Precision Turbo & Engine 5431B features the following:

• Cast compressor wheel
• 54mm inducer, 70mm exducer
• B compressor cover
• 2 5/8” inlet, 1 3/4” outlet
• T31 turbine wheel
• Available with the same turbine housing options as other PTE Entry Level turbochargers

Price: $599.99

Give us a ring for more details and information.