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Precision Adds Three New Universal Entry Level Turbos

August 23rd, 2011 Comments off

These new universal units give racers more options in regards to turbine wheel size, horsepower output and also expand the Entry Level line to fit a wider range of applications.

All three of the new, universal Entry Level Turbos use a 54mm exducer turbine wheel. Part numbers PTB003-5454 and PTB003-3254 use PTE’s “E” compressor cover (3.0″ inlet/2.0″ outlet) while part number PTB002-4854 uses the “B” compressor cover (2.8″ inlet/2.0″).

These units will be offered with Precision’s .63 A/R T3 4-bolt turbine housing; more housings and A/R options may be released in the near future.

Best Black Friday Sale Yet!

November 23rd, 2010 Comments off

It just about turkey time for America, but that isn’t all we are looking forward to. That’s right, Black Friday is coming. But for those who want to get in on the deals early, Titan Motorsports has released some early sale items on our Black Friday page. Everything else will become available throughout the holiday weekend. Now you can grab some goodies before you head out for turkey dinner. Check out the deals.

Quicksilver Quickie

July 9th, 2010 Comments off

“That’s No Moon…It’s A Space Station!” Ok, so the turbo may not be the size of a space station, but it’s pretty friggin big. The Precision 47-88R is a billet ball bearing turbo, and is spooled by a TMS 3.4L Stroker Motor, TMS Stage 3 Head, and TMS 272, 9.9mm lift cams, just to name a few. With the addition of a 100 shot of nitrous, this customer’s car is making over 1200 to the wheels!

New Precision Entry Level Turbo

June 28th, 2010 Comments off

Check out this new Turbo from PTE. The Entry Level product line was created by PTE in early 2009 and is designed to outperform similarly sized, smaller “box” turbochargers from other manufacturers as well as Asian knock-off units.

Precision Turbo recently began machining new compressor covers to allow for the creation of an additional unit to the Entry Level line. Known as the 5431B, this turbocharger is a journal bearing unit that comes standard with a 360° thrust bearing system for enhanced durability and longevity. This turbo also flows approximately 48 lbs/min which can support an estimated 480FWHP (flywheel horsepower).

The Precision Turbo & Engine 5431B features the following:

• Cast compressor wheel
• 54mm inducer, 70mm exducer
• B compressor cover
• 2 5/8” inlet, 1 3/4” outlet
• T31 turbine wheel
• Available with the same turbine housing options as other PTE Entry Level turbochargers

Price: $599.99

Give us a ring for more details and information.

New Precision Wastegate Comparison

November 20th, 2009 Comments off

When Precision released their new 46mm Wastegate (available here), we were asked by our clients to do a side by side comparison with the Tial 44mm (available here), you are probably wondering, why not against the Tial 46mm?? and the reason is because even though Tial makes a 46mm, it is the 44mm that has the same mounting flange as Precision’s therefore if you have a header with that mounting flange already on it the decision would be between the Tial 44mm and the Precision 46mm. Below is the observations we were able to make by taking them apart, and comparing their internals.

Tial is a 44mm Wastegate that comes in a multitude of colors. Precision’s has a bit of a larger valve, 46mm, and it is only available in black. The boxes are the same size and they both come packed with the same foam material that completely protects every part from damage during shipping.

Below are the contents of the boxes the way they come, the clear difference is that the Precision comes with 3 extra springs in the box, that way you have the possibility to replace them without having to make a separate order for them.

As for the hardware, both have the banjo design, but the Precision brings an extra plug in case you don’t use one of the ports of the Wastegate and the Tial doesn’t have this in their hardware.

When side by side they look very similar, however the Precision unit is a bit smaller in height compared to the Tial.

The underside again is the same basic design, however you can see how the valve in the precision is a little bit larger (2mm) than the Tial unit.

Once apart, the precision comes standard with 2 springs, and the seat materials are visibly different, I ‘m not qualified to give a breakdown on the materials, however the structure of the seat itself is the same, and even though is hard to tell from the pictures they both use a 4 Allen key setup to hold the seat to the valve itself.

Internally the main difference is Precision uses a longer sleeve to hold the stem of the valve.

And last but not least the literature. Precision comes with a multi page full color instruction’s manual, Tial half a letter size paper printed in both sides.

Hope this can help you make an educated decision when in the market for a Wastegate.