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Titan Motorsports Cookies

July 8th, 2009 Comments off

We’ve finally moved the office to the new location (showroom and shop will be setup shortly), to celebrate Nero’s fiancé sent us these great cookies. Cookies by Design here in Orlando baked and decorated the great looking race themed cookies. With all the fat bastards around here it likely won’t be long until they’re gone, thanks Deepal!

If anyone else is sending gifts or treats **Hint Hint ** our new address is 11370 Boggy Creek Rd Orlando, FL 32824. We’ll post some post move pictures and updates in the coming days once some of the dust settles.

New Location Update 4

June 25th, 2009 Comments off

Finishing work is still being completed at our new location on Boggy Creek and we’re getting very close to the move. A bit more red tape to cut through with the city and a bit more finishing and we should be ready to move into this state of the art facility.

The tiles and insulation are being installed in the ceilings, making the call center pretty much ready for move-in.

The sun rises towards the entry windows to the building so we added some much needed tint to reduce glare and keep the temperatures cool. The window on the left is tinted, the right is not, you can the see the difference quite easily. Flying Window tinters handled the install and did a fabulous job as they do on our personal vehicles as well.

With 6 loading docks in the rear of the building, our sending and receiving areas will be less cluttered. allow for easier transitions into the awaiting logistic companies trucks for delivery.

We’ve begun testing product spacing to allow for an easier move. It’s amazing how quickly the space fills up with larger products, fortunately we’ve got plenty of shelves to fill.

Titan Motorsports New Location Update 3

June 8th, 2009 Comments off

We’re getting much closer to move-in, the warehouse is setup and ready to go, and with a few finishing details and we’ll begin our fun moving process. The biggest updates this week came from the flooring being installed in various departments throughout the building.

The wood flooring was installed in the showroom, we opted for a dark wood to contrast with the walls and match the stainless and black fixtures that will decorate the walls.

The shop side of the warehouse received it’s epoxy coat with polyurethane clear. We’ll be finalizing the layout of equipment

The bathrooms received slate gray tile and their appropriate fixtures.

Our carpets arrived for the call center and offices, rather than go with a neutral color we opted for a high end designer carpet which takes cues from the green in the walls.

Our shipping manager Kris has his own fabricated office in the back of the warehouse to make deliveries much more convenient. The office can easily be moved to different portions of the warehouse should we ever need to reconfigure the shipping and receiving area.

Titan Motorsports New Location Update 2

May 14th, 2009 1 comment

Took a few moments to head to the shop today and spec a few more last minute details. There was quite a bit of progress overall and things are looking to be on track.

This picture was taken from the second floor where we have a double door access allowing heavy equipment and furniture to be easily moved using a forklift. This access will be locked from the outside to prevent anyone from falling from the sky (although I would love to put a BLOB in like the Fantasy Factory, but don’t think management would approve).

We recently got the warehouse side of the floors coated, I spent quite a bit of time making sure the best products where used to ensure that these floors would last. The contractor we hired came out and shot-peened the entire floor, before applying a wet epoxy coat that was later followed up by a polyurethane floor. If you look at the picture above you can see the raw concrete to the left, the raw concrete after being shot-peened, and finally the right is the finished flooring. The shop side will be coated next week after the pallet racking and warehouse shelves are setup and the floor on that side can be cleared.

Now that the floor has a fresh coating to protect the concrete, our shelving systems have begun being installed. The warehouse side will feature both shelving as pictured, and pallet racking for larger shipments, secured behind a safety fence. With more warehouse space we will now be able to expand our current product lines stocked and inventory levels to help better serve our customers.

As a result of ADA guidelines, we had to add an elevator for 2nd floor access for those with disabilities that would prevent them from using the stairs.

Our second floor is where our support staff and book keeping will be located, at this point only the floor and ceiling tiles remain for completion.

Titan Motorsports New Location Construction Update

May 5th, 2009 1 comment

Anyone who has been to our current location at Goldenrod and 50 will be the first to tell you that we outgrew this space many moons ago. The new building was purchased over a year ago, however permitting and construction delays have pushed our anticipated move back many times now. Fortunately our current progress is on track and we should be moving into this beautiful 25,000sq/ft facility in the next 1-2 months. Our entire operation will now be located under one roof with plenty of room for future expansion.

Here are some recent snapshots showing the progress of our build out at the new Boggy Creek location near Orlando International Airport. We’ve finally hit the home stretch and are now in the final finish work stages, if all goes as planned we should be moving in less than 45 days. I will post more picture updates as the date draws near and we hit new construction milestones.

A Sign of the Times

December 15th, 2008 1 comment

With the PRI show in Orlando this past week, we had the pleasure of hosting an open house for the great vendors who serve Titan Motorsports. The open house was hosted at our new location which is currently under construction on Boggy Creek Road, and displayed a handful of street and race cars. This state of the art 25,000sq/ft facility is being designed and built from the ground up with extensive planning to ensure growth for each of Titans divisions for many years to come.

The exterior shell has been complete for some time, however permitting for the interior buildup has held up construction progress. As these conflicts are now resolved, we are getting much closer to moving to our new home, and look forward to posting many more updates as construction continues. Our current expectations anticipate a smooth transition towards the end of quarter 1 in 2009.

We reached a major milestone in construction this week with the hanging of our massive new sign. The sign features 42” tall brushed aluminum letters which are backlit by thousands of amber LEDs. A big thank you to Nick and the crew at Diamond Electric for creating such a master piece and having it hung in time for our open house.