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Titan Motorsports Exhibits at the 2012 PRI Show in Orlando

December 4th, 2012 Comments off

We just wrapped up a busy weekend that saw us displaying at two different shows here in Orlando over the course of 4 days. The first was the 3 day Performance Racing Industry show at the Orlando Convention Center. This industry only show takes place yearly and offers a glimpse into the year ahead in racing. The PRI show is the little brother to the SEMA show that takes place in Las Vegas geared towards the hardcore race enthusiast who wants the extra performance without all the bling. The show features plenty of race cars on display from indy cars to monster trucks, all with one thing in common, the desire to go bigger, faster, and more powerful than the vehicle next to them in the staging lanes. The SEMA organization recently purchased both the PRI and competing IMIS shows and will merge them into one single event for 2013 that will take place in Indianapolis.

This was our second year exhibiting, with a focus on our Titan Motorsports Wholesale division geared towards providing other shops and distributors with access to our wholesale trade programs. We currently supply shops around the world with parts spanning over 185 brands to make sure their customer and shop cars have access to the same great parts we install here at our shop on a daily basis. On display was our legendary Supra race car, Twin Turbo Gallardo, and our latest acquisition not one but two Nissan GTRs which will be used to help develop a line of products and upgrades for the platform.

New Location Update 4

June 25th, 2009 Comments off

Finishing work is still being completed at our new location on Boggy Creek and we’re getting very close to the move. A bit more red tape to cut through with the city and a bit more finishing and we should be ready to move into this state of the art facility.

The tiles and insulation are being installed in the ceilings, making the call center pretty much ready for move-in.

The sun rises towards the entry windows to the building so we added some much needed tint to reduce glare and keep the temperatures cool. The window on the left is tinted, the right is not, you can the see the difference quite easily. Flying Window tinters handled the install and did a fabulous job as they do on our personal vehicles as well.

With 6 loading docks in the rear of the building, our sending and receiving areas will be less cluttered. allow for easier transitions into the awaiting logistic companies trucks for delivery.

We’ve begun testing product spacing to allow for an easier move. It’s amazing how quickly the space fills up with larger products, fortunately we’ve got plenty of shelves to fill.