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AEM Gives Camaro a Breath of Fresh Air

May 6th, 2010 Comments off

In the design of the Camaro 21-8029C air intake system, AEM needed to work within the confines of the Camaro’s engine compartment. To do so, AEM engineers designed an inlet tube that would give a large volume of airflow with little added restriction. The end result would be a massive three-inch mandrel-bent inlet tube constructed from high-grade aluminum. The design calls for the inlet tube to route from the V8’s frontward-facing throttle body into the driver’s side wheel well. In addition to the mandrel-bent aluminum tube, AEM utilized the optimal location for a cool air source. In order for the DryFlow performance air filter to occupy this location, the Camaro’s windshield washer fluid reservoir had to replaced with a sleeker piece. To this end, AEM designed a washer fluid reservoir that would better accommodate the location. Each AEM 21-8029C air intake system comes complete with a new washer fluid reservoir and mounting bracket.