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Aeromotions Releases Endurance Racing Splitter for Nissan GT-R

February 8th, 2012 Comments off

Aeromotions Inc. announced the launch of their new GT-R R35 splitter. Over a year of computer modeling, analysis, and track testing led to the unique design. While the top of the splitter appears normal, the bottom of the splitter has CNC cut venturis to feed air into the stock GT-R front venturis. This system works to enhance the great engineering already present in the R35 GT-R, while eliminating some of the factory under steer.

The three-piece splitter is constructed from Amarin Fiber, a revolutionary composite that has strength-to-weight properties similar to carbon-fiber, but adds much greater impact and wear resistance. The piece is perfect for endurance-racing applications. The splitter mounts directly to the frame and air-dam with the included stainless steel hardware. Installation is simple, and individual segments of the splitter can be replaced in the event of damage. Made in the USA. Off-Road use only.

MSRP $1,499.00

APR GT-R35 Carbon Goodies

May 26th, 2011 Comments off

Looking for the latest in carbon bits for your R35? Check out this selection from APR.

The APR Front Air Dam includes two integrated brake cooling ducts (2.5″ inner diameter). These cooling ducts can be used to attach cooling hoses (not included) that lead to the brake system for maximum braking consistency on the track.

The APR Formula GT3 Carbon Fiber Mirrors are designed to give race inspired looks with the functionality of reducing drag and eliminating blind spots with wide angle mirror lenses.

Made of lightweight and durable carbon fiber composites, APR Side Rocker Extensions help reduce lift at high speeds by preventing air at the sides of the car from rolling underneath the car. The reduced lift helps to stabilize the car during high-speed cornering and helps to increase traction for faster lap times.