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Titan Motorsports Event Coverage : TX2K13

March 20th, 2013 Comments off

We just returned from TX2K13, the annual Super meet in Houston, TX. What originally started as a Supra meet over 10 years ago has blossomed into a Mecca performance enthusiasts from around the country. This year marked the changing of the guards, as what was once marketed as the annual “Supra Meet” was overrun by GTRs. Sure there were a plethora of clean Supras, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferraris and late model domestics, but no car seemed as popular as the Nissan GTR.
Thursday we attended the GTRLife night party at Wild Wing Cafe and first got our glimpse of how popular the GTR would be at the meet when the entire parking lot was filled with Nissans latest Super car.

The dyno event took place at Hennessy’s facilities which features dual dynos, one RWD unit and and AWD unit. The RWD dyno had a sensor failure early in the afternoon which prevented many of the heavy hitters from being able to put down the big numbers they intended. While the drag strip has always been the official landmark event for TX2K, everyone knows the real action happens on the street. Houston’s finest have caught on and had their fleet working overtime trying to prevent the street races, however many went down without a hitch. The Omni hotel was overwhelmed with ever inch of it’s parking lot filled with high power cars just looking for their next victim. A quick search for TX2K on YouTube will reveal plenty of entertaining videos and events in “Mexico” for those interested in seeing what goes on after hours.

This year marked the first year in some time that we did not bring our Copper Supra, or any cars for that matter. The Supra was tested earlier this spring yielding the 201mph trap speed, however conflicts with our race team, as well as track conditions for the weekend forced us to make the tough decision to leave the car at home. We’re also currently in the process of doing a full upgrade to our GTR house car, and felt rushing it for this one event wouldn’t be the correct thing to do for this development process. We’ll get an earlier start next year and look forward to bringing out our full arsenal, as well as customers to enjoy what has become the can’t miss event if you’re a performance enthusiast. A big thank you to Peter Blach for putting blood sweat and tears into making sure this event is everything it can be, we’re proud to sponsor such a fantastic event.

Titan Motorsports Invades Houston,TX for TX2K12

March 27th, 2012 Comments off

This past weekend our team loaded up our newly refreshed Copper super and headed to Texas for TX2K12. We’ve attended this meet since it’s inception and this year had the largest spectator attendance of any prior years. With a great showing of Supra’s, 2JZ swapped vehicles and a large amount of GTR’s in attendance this event has evolved from being a yearly Supra meet to a tuner and super car shootout. In addition the large number of Supra’s and GTR’s the Lamborghini Gallardo TT contingent was there with a strong presence. The dyno day crew did the unbelievable and managed to dyno over 80 cars on 2 dynos over the course of a day, with many breaking the 1,000hp barrier.

Drag Racing was held on Saturday and Sunday, with many records broken including the GTR drag racing record with an 8.63. The Titan Copper Supra seemed to be the talk of the drag days and with testing commencing it showed great promise. The whole community watched as Team Titan worked aggressively at making sure the car was able to make runs and continued to improve the new combination. When the first full 1/4 mile pass was made it yielded a 7.59 @ 186 with the doors literally flying off. While the crew worked to repair and service the car between rounds, a pair of replacement doors was borrowed from fellow competitor Ross Baird so the car would attempt another run. We want to thank Ross for his great sportsmanship and hope to return the favor in another fashion in the future! This year was a great event as the pictures below show, and we look forward to seeing even more people out at TX2K13 next year!