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Powder Coated HRE 790R Wheels Arrive

November 25th, 2009 Comments off

We recently recieved our custom powder coated 790R HREs back and they do look mean. The fronts are 19×10 and the rears are a massive 20×13. These have been ordered for the green Supra that was shipped in from the UK, which you may remember from previous posts.

Here are a few pictures after the tires were put on.

BMW Z4M M Coupe on HRE C20

September 21st, 2009 Comments off

I take great pride in posting stories of the cars we build during our day to day operations here at Titan, but this car is even more special…because it’s my own. After a few months of upgrading and tracking my Z4M I decided it was time to get rid of the OEM competition wheels that were on the car and add a bit of style and class with a set of HRE wheels.

Over the years I’ve sampled various aftermarket wheels on my vehicles, and nothing holds a candle to HRE in terms of fitment and finish. I opted for a set of 19×8.5 and 19×10.5 HRE C20s for the car, the C series combines a step lip with HRE hardware for a lightweight, race inspired wheel, a great fit given my intentions for this car. I love black wheels on my vehicles, however this time I wanted to mix things up a bit and opted for a matte black center with gloss black lips and inner barrels to give a bit of contrast while maintaining a monochromatic look.

For tires I wrapped them in Nitto NT05 245/35/19 front and 275/30/19 rear, I’m anxious to put a bit more miles on these as they have gotten rave reviews for being a great intermediate tire that works well on the track and can still be driven on the street. I’m very pleased with the overall stance of the car now and looking forward to getting it back out on the track.

Mercedes Benz CLK MATTE Black Series

August 27th, 2009 Comments off

This morning we had the pleasure of picking up this beautiful CLK Black Series for a series of upgrades we will be installing here at Titan Motorsports. The car was recently wrapped in Matte black vinyl which looks absolutely stunning in person. While this treatment has gotten very popular in recent months almost to the point of saturation, this car definitely pulls the look off better than most. The car in stock form makes 465hp/500tq, however we’re expecting quite a bit more after installing headers/intake/exhaust and an RennTech ECU reflash. The 7speed gearbox makes driving in traffic anything but a chore, while providing smooth crisp shifts during performance driving. A custom cut set of DPE’s is on the way for test fitment complete with matte black center, once we confirm they fit we will be installing them on the vehicle and lowering the improve the vehicles stance.

UK Showstopper Gets The Titan Makeover

July 24th, 2009 Comments off

In the eyes of any car enthusiast, there can always be more. No matter how much you modify your car, and no matter how happy it makes you, there’s always that next part, that next set of wheels, or that next paint scheme. This is very much the case with our latest arrival to the Titan Motorsports holding pen. David Price has brought his beautiful green Supra all the way from the United Kingdom to have the crew at Titan give it a complete makeover. The car is being repainted (same color), will be receiving a fresh set of HRE wheels, as well as a fully built Titan motor. If this Supra was mean and green before, it’s going to be Bruce Banner Bad-Ass when we are done with it. We will be posting pictures of the entire build, so stay tuned for frequent updates.

Novitec Ferrari F430 project continues at Titan

April 2nd, 2009 Comments off

Our Ferrari F430 project continues here at Titan Motorsports with the Novitec technicians progressing at a neck breaking pace. After a mere 2 and a half days of wrenching the supercharger install was complete and fired up with no problems. The sound of a Italian V8 with twin Superchargers is absolutely amazing, we’ll be putting the car on the dyno later this week, with video soon to follow. The engine bay received a host of carbon fiber, from the engine surround trim panels, to hand crafted intercooler pipes. The quality of the parts offered in this kit are second to none and it’s obvious after taking one look at the engine bay why Novitec is one of the leading Ferrari tuenrs in the world. Now that the car is up and running all that is left is to finish re-installing the factory components, install the KW/Novitec suspension and button up a few minor visual updates on the exterior.

The KW / Novitec Hydraulic lift coilovers where installed on the car today, improving the handling of the vehicle while also allowing the driver to raise the front end 44mm from inside the cabin. This was a much needed addition to this vehicle with it’s slammed stance and Novitec front lip leaving little room for clearance under the front bumper.

On the exterior we also replaced the factory bumper lights both front and rear with Novitec smoked LED units, as well as Novitecs black housing tail lights. Rather than just smoke the factory housings, Novitec went the extra mile and created custom black exterior housings, while leaving the reverse light clear for added safety. The car should be wrapped up tomorrow and get it’s change to exercise it’s extra ponies on our Dynojet 248, an event I’m anxious to report the results of, until then enjoy these latest pictures in the gallery below.

Ferrari F430 Novitec Twin Supercharger Install Begins

March 30th, 2009 1 comment

After years of building the worlds most powerful Supras, we find ourselves getting requests from existing customers to venture into new territories with their other vehicles. Most recently our attention has been on the Porsche market, however we received a call to facilitate a Novitec Supercharger kit on a F430 for a customer. We delightfully agreed to have the technicians and parts flown in from Germany as is required for all Novitec installs, and the car you see above is the canvas for this great twin supercharger kit. The car arrived today for what is anticipated at being a 5 day install, I’ll be sure to post plenty of pictures during the install process. The end result should be a car that sounds like pure ecstasy while producing 635hp. Final tweaks and tuning will be completed on our in house Dynojet 248 dynomometer. More updates to come as the install progresses.

HRE Relases new Monoblock fitments for Ferrari 360 and Mercedes SLR

January 15th, 2009 Comments off

HRE wheels just released their latest new fitments in their Monoblock series. If you’ve seen any of our recent builds at Titan, you know that we’re big fans of HRE Wheels. HRE is the industry leader and has been building the finest custom 3 pieces wheels for ages, and their new monoblock wheels have added to this legacy. As Orlando’s authorized HRE dealer we can source any of HRE’s fine wheels for your vehicle. We can get you the custom fit and finish you’ve come to expect when modifying your luxury or performance vehicle.

The first new fitment is the M40s, available as shown, 19×8.5” front and 20×11” rear M40’s in a brushed finish.

The other new availability is for the Mercedes SLR with 20×9” front and 20×12” rear M43’s with a brushed finish.

HRE P43 Wheels Arrive for Project 996TT

September 26th, 2008 Comments off

Today the UPS man arrived with the HRE P43 Monoblock wheels we have awaiting our 996.  We opted for the same texture black finish as found on our yellow car, but went with the P43 straight spoke look to mix things up a bit.  Unfortunately the tires did not arrive as quickly as the wheels, we’ll have them in next week and hope to mount the wheels at that time.

In the meantime we’ll be getting some baseline dyno numbers on the car using CFT’s AWD Dyno, and hope to do some more baseline testing at the track this evening as well.    As always check our blog for up to date results.

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Project Prowler is Alive

September 9th, 2008 Comments off

The 2JZ-GTE Project Prowler is coming along nicely. Here is a picture of the interior and the Motec being tuned.

Video : Have a sneak peak of the Prowler in action!

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On the Prowl, Titan swaps a 2JZ in a Prowler

September 9th, 2008 Comments off

We have shoe-horned in a 2JZ-GTE with a Precision 71 GTS Dual Ball Bearing Turbo and many off the shelf Titan parts, including our TMS cam gears.

19″ front and 20″ rear HRE wheels clearing Brembo calipers and rotors.

Look for more to come as we keep you updated on this serious street cruiser!