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Twins – Twin Supercharged Novitec Ferrari F430

March 31st, 2011 Comments off

Most people turn their head when they see a single Ferrari F430 on the road, this week at our shop many thought they were seeing doubles. We had the pleasure of having these 2 Ferrari F430 Spiders in the shop the past few weeks. The cars owner originally purchased a 6speed car and equipped it with Novitec Rosso’s brilliant supercharger kit. After having a change of heart he decided he wanted a car with Ferrari’s F1 trans, so rather than trying to deal with the headache of a transmission swap, he decided a car swap would be much better suited, and bought a newer model 430 with the trans he wanted. Once the car arrived it was torn into and received Novitec’s supercharger kit, giving this stallion a bit more gallop. Our heart still remains with the Supra, but I must admit adding forced induction to exotics and creating super cars is also getting a bit addicting. We’re a Novitec dealer and the Southeast install center for all your Ferrari Maserati needs.

Novitec Ferrari F430 project continues at Titan

April 2nd, 2009 Comments off

Our Ferrari F430 project continues here at Titan Motorsports with the Novitec technicians progressing at a neck breaking pace. After a mere 2 and a half days of wrenching the supercharger install was complete and fired up with no problems. The sound of a Italian V8 with twin Superchargers is absolutely amazing, we’ll be putting the car on the dyno later this week, with video soon to follow. The engine bay received a host of carbon fiber, from the engine surround trim panels, to hand crafted intercooler pipes. The quality of the parts offered in this kit are second to none and it’s obvious after taking one look at the engine bay why Novitec is one of the leading Ferrari tuenrs in the world. Now that the car is up and running all that is left is to finish re-installing the factory components, install the KW/Novitec suspension and button up a few minor visual updates on the exterior.

The KW / Novitec Hydraulic lift coilovers where installed on the car today, improving the handling of the vehicle while also allowing the driver to raise the front end 44mm from inside the cabin. This was a much needed addition to this vehicle with it’s slammed stance and Novitec front lip leaving little room for clearance under the front bumper.

On the exterior we also replaced the factory bumper lights both front and rear with Novitec smoked LED units, as well as Novitecs black housing tail lights. Rather than just smoke the factory housings, Novitec went the extra mile and created custom black exterior housings, while leaving the reverse light clear for added safety. The car should be wrapped up tomorrow and get it’s change to exercise it’s extra ponies on our Dynojet 248, an event I’m anxious to report the results of, until then enjoy these latest pictures in the gallery below.

Ferrari F430 Novitec Twin Supercharger Install Begins

March 30th, 2009 1 comment

After years of building the worlds most powerful Supras, we find ourselves getting requests from existing customers to venture into new territories with their other vehicles. Most recently our attention has been on the Porsche market, however we received a call to facilitate a Novitec Supercharger kit on a F430 for a customer. We delightfully agreed to have the technicians and parts flown in from Germany as is required for all Novitec installs, and the car you see above is the canvas for this great twin supercharger kit. The car arrived today for what is anticipated at being a 5 day install, I’ll be sure to post plenty of pictures during the install process. The end result should be a car that sounds like pure ecstasy while producing 635hp. Final tweaks and tuning will be completed on our in house Dynojet 248 dynomometer. More updates to come as the install progresses.