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Supra featuring TMS built auto trans runs 189mph Standing Mile pass in Finland

July 10th, 2014 Comments off

This past weekend a good customer of Titan Motorsports Jukka took his Titan upgraded Auto trans equipped Supra the the 2014 Speed party in Finland. This years event was held at Finland South Carelia, a runway event similar to those gaining popularity here in the states. Jukka managed a best run of 189.4 mph over the distance of 1 mile (304.8 km/h@1609 m) utilizing at TMS built transmission and TMS torque converter with 3500 stall. This particular auto trans has been installed and running since 2011 making several 800whp pulls on the dyno, countless hours of street driving and occasional full mile passes. This year he wasn’t able to get the most out of the car due to a ignition malfunction but we are sure he will be out soon and ready to better his already stellar time.

Congrats Jukka on the pass!

Toyota Supra Extended Fuel Tank Cover

July 3rd, 2012 Comments off

This laser cut and formed cover replaces the factory fuel tank in MKIV Supra cover allowing addition room to accommodate the extra fuel lines present with a multi-pump fuel system. Gone are the days of having to modify or bang the OEM cover to death. This cover is powder coated gloss black and allowing your interior panels to remain in place cleaning up the overall appearance of the trunk.

Available Now on our Website : Toyota Supra Extended Riser Fuel Tank Cover