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Toyota Supra Extended Fuel Tank Cover

July 3rd, 2012 Comments off

This laser cut and formed cover replaces the factory fuel tank in MKIV Supra cover allowing addition room to accommodate the extra fuel lines present with a multi-pump fuel system. Gone are the days of having to modify or bang the OEM cover to death. This cover is powder coated gloss black and allowing your interior panels to remain in place cleaning up the overall appearance of the trunk.

Available Now on our Website : Toyota Supra Extended Riser Fuel Tank Cover

DCSS 39/50 High Performance In-Tank Fuel Pump

September 27th, 2011 Comments off

Titan Motorsports is now shipping the new in-tank Hi-Performance pump from TI Automotive (the maker of Walbro). This new pump (P/N: F90000262) has been rated at an astonishing 400LPH on 13.5 Volt at 40PSI, higher than any other in-tank turbine pump on the market. This pump has been designed on the OEM proven 39mm armature that has been used for years in many OEM applications, and currently in use today. This armature coupled with the dual channel single stage turbine impeller allows this pump to function in today’s high pressure injection fuel systems as well as function exceptionally well in hot fuel handling.

Please take note this pump is meant for modified vehicles with over 500HP, vehicles in which this pump is to be installed in should have upgraded supply and return fuel lines, upgraded pump wiring to support the increased amp draw, and upgrades to the vehicles fuel pressure regulator. This pump in NOT meant for use in a stock or lightly modified vehicle with less than 500HP, the use of this pump in that type of application will result in severe drivability issues and/or damage to the vehicle.