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Titan Motorsports Universal Air Intake Temperature Sensor

April 19th, 2012 Comments off

Air Temp Sensor – Large Thread (inc plug & pins) 3/8NPT

Air Intake Temperature Sensor (AIT) provides intake air temperature information to the ECU and  is a critical component of the engine management system as air temperature directly effects air density (as air gets hotter it gets less dense). The (AIT) is made to OEM specifications and couples with a weatherproof wiring connector.

An intake Air Temperature Sensor should be used with all engine configurations.

Titan Motorsports Air Temperature Sensor includes plug and pigtail.

Titan Motorsports Air Intake Temperature Sensor

Motec Standalone PNP Project for Porsche 996TT starts.

October 6th, 2008 1 comment

Today our jumper harness arrived for the 996TT project. What looks like a mess of wires and plugs will evolve into a plug and play tuning solution that will allow the end user to use a Motec standalone computer to control the engine without having to rewire the entire car. There are plenty of great flash tuning options out there for the 996TT, however the Motec allows many advanced functions and real time tuning using a standard PC laptop.

This is obviously the initial stage of the project, and it should be realized there is quite a bit of development still to be done. With other tuners such as Switzer already achieving success running their Turbos with a standalone, this product will bridge the gap allowing a plug and play solution without modifying or cutting the factory harness

I will be the first to admit this solution is not for everyone. For your average car a reflash will be more than capable of controlling everything you need and then some. However for those racing their cars frequently, looking for additional data, track mapping, or with fuel demands much beyond the stock ECU’s control this is a great solution. The Motec offers proven hardware, however as with any standalone it is up to the end user to find a trusted source to tune the box. Fortunately Motec is widely used in most motorsports here in the states and abroad, and there are plenty of tuners available for hire to tailor the box to the end users needs.

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