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Honda CR-Z HKS Intake

February 11th, 2011 Comments off

The stock engine bay looks pretty plain, and definitely isn’t geared towards a ton of performance. However tuning powerhouse HKS has come up with a solution for that.

Here you can see the CR-Z in stock form, with its restrictive intake track with stock filter.

Here we have installed the HKS Racing Suction Reloaded intake which utilizes HKS’ high-flowing wet 2-layer dual density polyurethane filter element. The intake kits offer the same simple and easy filter element replacement process as previous generations; avoiding the need to wash or re-oil the intake filter.

The new Super Honeycomb frame allows for 30% more intake surface area for improved throttle response. Additionally the filter assembly features a new streamline inner frame that reduces weight and allows for air to flow more smoothly into the engine.

NEW!!! Koyo Honda CR-Z Radiator

December 7th, 2010 Comments off

Koyo is proud to introduce their all aluminum performance radiator for the 2011 Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid 6MT. This brand new radiator features an all new “KS” Series core to maximize both cooling efficiency and engine bay space. This radiator is a direct OE fit, and mounts perfectly to the factory fan shroud for a quick and simple installation. Koyorad integrates a 1/8” NPT female accessory fitting (supplied with a threaded plug) to accept temperature sensors typically included with most aftermarket temperature gauges. This item has been tested to fit on global market Honda CR-Z 6MT.

Koyorad’s superior quality, precision hand welds, reliability and uniformity are what have earned Koyorad their reputation in performance radiators worldwide. In their production, Koyorad uses Japanese made equipment and sources only the finest aluminum available. They privately own their factories and have NEVER outsourced their manufacturing. This is truly the only way that Koyorad Japan can oversee each stage of production and react quickly to market changes. From the selection of raw materials, hand assembly of tubes/fins, TIG welding, triple pressure testing, and to the final vacuum packing, Koyorad assures a superior quality performance radiator taking engine performance to the next level.


• Koyorad “KS” Series Core
• OE Specific mounting and direct fit to OE fan shroud
• Mirror polished finish
• Nocolok-R Brazing
• Precise Tube and Fin alignment
• Billet aluminum filler neck