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Random Shop Pics

December 16th, 2009 Comments off

There is always something going on at the shop.

Porsche getting suspension and brakes

Pair of Lexus’

Liberty out of the race car

Project Prowler 2JZ-GTE emblem

HRE Releases New Wheels for Porsche Panamera

November 25th, 2009 Comments off

HRE Performance Wheels has released the new 21” Monoblok P40 and P45 for the Porsche Panamera Turbo. Many of you may have seen shots from SEMA, but unless you saw it in person, it was hard to imagine how beautiful this car truly is.

The new Porsche Panamera has been extremely popular even before they hit showroom floors and once again, HRE has been on the forefront of the industry offering numerous options for this unreal vehicle.

For the Panamera HRE offers the following:

20” and 21” Monoblok
19”, 20” and 21” in the 790R Series
20”-22” in the 940R and 990R Series

All wheels are TPMS compatible and designed specifically for the Panamera.

21×9.5” front 255/35/21
21×11” rear 295/30/21
Satin Charcoal Finish

21×9.5” front 255/35/21
21×11” rear 295/30/21
Satin Black Finish

These as well as all HRE wheels are available through Titan Motorsports. If there is anything you don’t see on our website, just give us a call, we will be happy to assist you for all of you HRE needs.

Random Shop Snaps

November 24th, 2009 Comments off

There is always something cool here in the bays at Titan Motorsports. Here are a couple random shots of what is lurking in the shop.

…mmmm GT-R

It’s kind of hidden but there is a Porsche somewhere in this shot…

The Supra is still being prepared for NSCRA…..smells like record setting potential…

Le Belle Macchine D ‘Italia 2009 at Daytona International Speedway

November 18th, 2009 Comments off

This past week was Le Belle Macchine D ‘Italia, an annual event that takes place at the famed Daytona International Speedway. Every year hundreds of exotic and Italian cars from all over the east coast travel to Daytona to stretch their cars legs on the speedways’ 3.56 mile sports car course. The event lasts 3 days and includes both a Ferrari Challenge club race, as well as a driver’s education for those drivers wanting to test their personal vehicles on the track with an instructor present to keep things safe. The event also has gathered the support of manufactures and dealerships that bring out their latest performance vehicles for customers to see in the flesh, as well as experience on the track.

Lamborghini brought out their latest wares in the LP670-4 SV and LP550-2 with famed test driver Valentino Balboni providing test rides for lucky potential customers. It was truly a sight to see Valentino using every bit of the LP670-4s capabilities as he drove the car to 10/10ths using every bit of the course on a white knuckle ride for passengers.

Bentley also brought out its latest Continental GT Super Sport, a high performance version of the CGT that is ready for the track with large ceramic brakes, a deleted rear seat, and of course more horsepower. This great car not only performs like no other Bentley produced, but looks the part as well with aggressive color combinations, carbon interior package, black wheels, and updated styling to let curious onlookers know this isn’t your everyday country club Bentley.

I would also like to take a moment to personally thank Jon Miller and Eric who allowed me to experience Daytona in the passenger seat of their Ferrari 360 Challenge car, it was truly a ride I’ll never forget. It was a pleasure to see so many great cars on track being driven how they were meant to be driven, instead of collecting dust in a collector’s warehouse. It’s not every weekend you see Ferrari race cars, F40s, Bugatti Veyrons and Lamborghinis all sharing one of the most famous race tracks in America. If you get the opportunity to attend the event next year I would highly recommend it, it’ll definitely get a mark on my calendar.

Titan Motorsports Camo 996tt w/ K24/18G – 712rwhp @ 1.48 bar

May 5th, 2009 Comments off

712rwhp @ 1.48 bar ……In 94 degree heat.

We’ll be Shipping the car to Puerto Rico for a drag race on May 30th and needed to get a good tune-up in the car before she ships off Thursday. Darin has been working hard to get the Motec and factory ECU to co-operate with each other and get the car tuned. After a few hours on the ECU the car was running excellent and manged to make 712rwhp @ 1.48bar in the 97 degree heat we where blessed with today. The car is running on VP C16 fuel, and still has quite a bit left, however with the shipping deadline looming we where simply out of time to do anymore tuning. I want to thank Tony@EPL for helping us remove some fail safes in the factory ECU and his great advice along the way. I’m still impressed that the old girl is running so well with over 66k miles on the odometer and a completly factory engine. If all goes as planned we expect to hit the local test and tune tomorrow before loading the car up.

Setup :
Stock Engine, never been opened up, 66k miles
-Second Bosch 044 inline in Fuel Filter spot
-Motec M800 / EPL Motronic ECU
-Tial BOV
-AWE Straightpipes
-Injector dynamics 1,000cc Injectors
-USP Intercoolers
-Titan Motorsports Intake Fenderwell intakes

Full Carbon Racing Seats by Tillett

April 20th, 2009 2 comments

Here at Titan Motorsports we stock over 165 brands, yet we’re constantly getting requests to add new product lines. This week a customer requested a set of lightweight Tillett Racing seats for his track car, so we added the Tillett product line, ordered the seats, and had another happy customer as a result. If you’re a hardcore weight weenie or carbon fiber junkie, check out these seats from Tillett Racing. Weighing in at just over 6lbs not including mounting hardware, these seats are as light as they come. If you’ve got to ask your wife for permission before purchasing parts, or have a 2 hour commute these likely aren’t for you. After sitting in them for a few minutes in the office, they’re not as uncomfortable as they look, however I still doubt wouldn’t be my first choice for a cross country road trip. For a 20 minute spirited session on the road course, they offer a great way to drop some quick weight while holding the driver in firmly. We now carry the complete Tillett Racing product line, inquire with our knowledgeable sales staff for more information.

Tial Releases Bolt-on GT Series turbochargers for Porsche

March 26th, 2009 Comments off

After years of development and testing, Tial has released their GT series bolt-on upgrades for the Porsche Turbo. Starting with a garret based core, Tial uses their lightweight custom stainless steel exhaust housings to adapt to the Porsche’s factory exhaust manifolds. Using custom CNC’d brackets they also incorporate factory style waste gate actuators and adapters for the oil lines to allow for easy adaption of the factory hardware. Tial offers these turbos come in 4 configurations tailored for you specific vehicles use and power goals.

These kits come with everything you need to bolt-on and adapt the turbochargers to the factory Porsche exhaust manifolds and hardware. This package includes only the turbo chargers, additional fuel and supporting modifications will be required. We have plenty of fuel solutions available tailored to your goals, and have enlisted EPL’s service to allow the factory Motronic ECU to compensate for the additional airflow these turbos will provide.

Status Racing – Ring GT Carbon Seats

March 9th, 2009 Comments off

Today I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas as the UPS man arrived for our daily drop off. Our new Status Racing Ring GT seats arrived for our Porsche, and I must admit I was highly impressed with them. We opted for the Ring GT seat in a black carbon fiber with black alcantara covering for this application to tie in with the black carbon interior package in our car. The attention to detail on these seats is unbelievable, the weave is perfect, the covering has no wrinkles, and they even include a billet etched serial plate on the seats. These seats are available in a FRP, Carbon, or Carbon Kevlar finish and have covering options available in cloth,suede, and leather in a wide variety of colors. Most seats can be turned around in 2 weeks of less, a very impressive feat given the high standards of quality Status strives to achieve. Like many of their products, these seats meat FIA safety requirements and are acceptable in most racing organizations.

The factory Porsche seats with hardware weighed in at a hefty 60lbs each including hardware. Our new Ring GT’s without hardware weighed in at 21lbs! Even with the brackets and sliders mounted on the seat we still should be looking at a 65-70lb savings for the pair. It’s hard to argue with a great looking, comfortable seat made from quality products that saves so much weight. We’ve been in talks with Status since we first saw their high quality products at SEMA, and are proud to be one of their main East coast distribution points. If you’re in the market for a custom seat or set of quality harnesses, give one of our sales reps a call or email and they’ll make sure you’re covered.

Cars and Cafe – February 2009

March 2nd, 2009 Comments off

I headed out to Cars and Cafe this month for the usual round of Coffee and great cars. This month the parking lot was a lot more spread out with cars spaced every other parking spot. This made for much easier photos of all the great cars in attendance. I unfortunately got the the event a bit later than I liked, but was still about to put the 5D to use and snap some pictures of the great cars around me in between conversation with old friends. Cars and Cafe takes place the last Saturday of the month at Colonial TownPark in Lake Mary,FL. The next event will be held on SUNDAY March 29th from 9am-11am as a result of Festivals of Speed being on Sunday, see you there.

CCW C2K Track Wheels for Project 996tt

February 18th, 2009 1 comment

As project 996 evolves, we’re finding that with more power, we need more grip. This applies to both street and track, as the 600+ HP we anticipate to make will overpower our 19″ PS2s with ease. This car will be used for highway racing, drag racing, road racing, and still needs to be streetable enough to drive to local shows and select events. We decided it was time to get a track wheel setup for the car in a 18″ sizing that offered a much wider tire selection.

We’re fortunate to have CCW Wheels located less than an hour from us in Daytona. We’ve used CCW wheels on many of our personal and customer Supras in the past as they offer very aggressive fitments in a lightweight reasonably priced package. We’re trying to get the car ready for a track day at Roebling Road this weekend and wanted some wheels quick, we gave John @ CCW a call on Monday and had our new wheels here on Wednesday. The wheels are the CCW C2K, the latest in the forged Corsair line which is machined from a single 6061-T6 aluminum forging. This wheel takes some inspiration from the original CCW Classics and applies it to the forged track wheel lineup available in a 18″ size allowing for plenty of tire choices. We needed a sticky tire for this application and gave our good friends at Toyo a call, they supplied their latest R Compound tires the R888s in 235/40zr18 and 315/30ZR18 sizing. I’m anxious to get the car tunes and put our new track wheel and tire setup to the test, results to follow.