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Ferrari 458 receives Akrapovic Full Exhaust Install and Vorsteiner Lip

July 24th, 2013 Comments off

Our good friend Jim pulled up to the shop a few weeks back in his new Ferrari 458, he’s not your typical Ferrari owner however who lets the car sit and collect dust in an air conditioned garage. Jim makes sure all of his cars get used properly and takes great pride in modifying them to put his own personal touch on them. The car arrived already sporting plenty of carbon Oakley Design parts, but was lacking a front lip. We installed the Vorsteiner carbon fiber lower lip which features a center vent that really sets off the 458 from the front. The part fit great right out of the box and required little modification to bolt on. An Akrapovic full Titanium exhaust with carbon fiber tips was chosen to give the already menacing looking car an entoxicating tone and help the engine breath easy. Evolution Motorsports provided us with an ECU re flash to help make sure the car made use of all the extra exhaust flow provided by the Akrapovic exhaust. The car was also lowered on HRE P45S wheels treated to a one of a kind brush tinted bronze finish. It’s truly a unique looking finish in person and goes quite well with the jet black exterior. I’m sure we’ll be seeing this car again, if the extra dirt in the photos shows anything, it’s that Jim will be sure to enjoy this unique 458 and we’ll be seeing plenty of it around town!

Event Coverage : FormulaDrift Palm Beach 2013

June 4th, 2013 Comments off

Formula Drift invaded Palm Beach International Raceway this weekend as thousands of fans filled every inch of space surrounding the drift circuit. We’ve been closely following drifting for years and enjoy checking out the competition all while visiting with some of our old drag racing competitors. There was plenty of action and controversy throughout the event with the fans questioning many of the judges calls and quite a bit of contact within the runs. In the end Michael Essa took the top spot in his E46 BMW (you may remember his Z4 car from his visit to the shop prior to last years event) flanked by the Achilles Tires entrants of Daigo Saito and Robbie Nishida. The podium was swept by turbocharged 6cylinder entrants,could we possibly be seeing a changing of the guard in FD with turbocharge entrants becoming the norm over the previous V8s? Who knows, but we like what we saw and always have our door open to the possibility of building a wild Formula Drift competitor here at Titan Motorsports, sponsors and manufactures our number is listed on the site. A big thanks to Cheralyn and the Bridges Racing (Achilles Tires) Team for the great hospitality all weekend.

Patrick Mordaunt’s Formula Drift SC430 stops by Titan Motorsports

May 31st, 2013 Comments off

This week we loaned the crew from Apex’i one of our bays to do some pre-event mainteannce and setup on Patrick Mordaunt’s SC430 that he competes in FormulaD with. The car isa purpose build drift car featuring tons of custom fabrication and is powered by a twin turbo TRD V8. We’ll be heading out to Palm Beach International Raceway this afternoon to check the event out for ourselves and look forward to another year of great Formula Drift action here in Florida.

Event Coverage : V2Lab Mystery Meat 2

April 15th, 2013 Comments off

This weekend V2Lab hosted it’s second Mystery Meat in downtown Orlando. Last years impromptu event brought chaos to downtown, this year the event had the cities blessing and was much more organized as a result. This event isn’t a car show, but rather a gathering of like minded enthusiast to hang out, show off their cars and enjoy the great Florida weather. As a result the scope of vehicles in attendance varies from Donks, VW, Honda, Exotics, Ruckus, bikes, all with modification from mild to wild. It was a great event, a big thanks to Ravi and the V2Lab crew for putting it together, we are already looking forward to next years event.

Titan Motorsports 2JZ Race Valve Covers

April 5th, 2013 Comments off

Originally developed on our 2JZ race engines to save additional weight, we had many requests to developed these for the consumer market. The foundation for these stunning covers is a billet aluminum base that is CNC machined to offer proper gasket sealing with the head using the factory gasket. We then hand form a smooth sheet metal top that is then tig welded before being mirror polished. The result is a set of valve covers that are 2lbs lighter than the factory units, and more visually appealing. The sheet metal construction allows the valve covers to be used with or without a fill cap, and -10 or -12AN fittings to be placed at the customers requested location for crankcase ventilation (standard configuration is smooth).

Available Now on our Website : Titan Motorsports 2JZ Race Valve Covers

EK Kanoo Racing Supra built by Titan Motorsports becomes Worlds Quickest Import

March 28th, 2013 Comments off

March 28,2013 : The EK Kanoo Racing Supra driven by Gary White set the record for the Worlds Quickest Import at Bahrain International Circuit with a 6.237@227.77 MPH pass. The car is a 3/4 chassis built entirely in house by Titan Motorsports and featured a Titan built 2JZ powerplant which still featured OEM Block and Head castings. The Supra will continue to try to best this current feet while participating in the BDRC Championship currently in progress.

Titan Motorsports Fourth Annual Open House 2013

March 26th, 2013 Comments off

Thanks to everyone who attended our fourth annual open house, the attendance far exceded our expectations (we had over 750 rsvp on Facebook but estimates show 1,500-2,000 attended throughout the day). Thanks to the gracious donations from our sponsors and attendees we were able to raise $6,250.00 for the Just In Queso Foundation!

A special thank you to our vendors Manley, FuelLab, Royal Purple, DEI, Hawk, Cometic, Brembo, Mr. Gasket, ACL, Eibach, Deatsch Werks,Fluidampr, Race Ramps, Precision Turbo, Gates and Ferrea for their attendance and donations. We look forward to holding this great event next year, and hope to raise even more money for great causes in 2014.

Titan Motorsports support team – Nigel Colfer 180SX Drifting with 1JZ Power.

February 21st, 2013 Comments off

We just hooked up Nigel Colfer with some parts for his 1JZ powered 180SX across the pond and he sent us this great video of his car in action. We’re happy to be in a position to helping grassroots and professional motorsports teams with their parts needs regardless of their geographic location.

Harlem Shake – Titan Motorsports Edition

February 19th, 2013 Comments off

Eurotrip Part 2: Titan Motorsports visits Porsche Museum in Stuttgart Germany

February 4th, 2013 Comments off

Following the Autosport Show I spent a few days exploring London before jetting to Stuttgart Germany. When we first started planning our trip to Autosport I knew I couldn’t fly across the Atlantic without visiting Germany and my mecca, the Porsche Museum and factory. We landed in the dead of winter and proceeded to pickup our Audi A3 rental car and head towards the factory (and also saw snow for the second time in my life, keep in mind I grew up here in Florida). I’ve been a Porsche fanatic for many years now, living and breathing the brand, so it was great to take in the town where these machines are created and the history of how they came to be. I had requested a factory tour which was denied due to the work force just returning from their holiday leave and the available replacement date was after my return to the states. While we weren’t able to take the factory tour this trip, the Museum was open which offered a great consultation. The museum which opened in 2009 holds about 80 cars from Porsches private collection and shows the great history behind the brand and extensive racing history. There is a factory restoration facility on site, and all of the cars are in working condition and can be shipped to events and races around the world for exhibition purposes.

In the entry forum there is a small coffee shop with a glass wall behind it that houses the Porsche factory workshop. The Workshop is where the factory restores historic cars to like new condition and keeps the museum maintained and the cars in running condition. It sure beats running to the local Starbucks when you can enjoy a latte and view master technicians at work!

When you walk into the museum you are greeted by a work in progress Type 64 body, this aluminum body was made prior to WWII and is the design inspiration for many Porsche vehicles to follow.

Just as important as the cars, is the technology that goes into them, which Porsche displays just as prominently as the vehicles in the museum. This is a billet titanium crank from one of their 917 engines, something that would be a huge undertaking even with todays CNC production, when you realize that it was from the 60s, it shows just how much Porsche was willing to invest to stay ahead.

Titanium was the cold war material of choice in the 60s, this spherical gas tank was also produced entirely from the lightweight material.

The museum had an entire 906 body handing from the ceiling to show the inner workings of one of the first race cars to be constructed from hand layered fiberglass over a tubular frame.

It’s important to realize that the Museum is a working museum, these priceless cars are kept in working condition and exercised whenever appropriate. As a result they have plenty of blemishes, or rather character showing such use. Porsche doesn’t go out of it’s way to hide this, but rather benefits from the fact that these cars can still work as designed even today.

Many of the cars are used at events around the world to help promote the Porsche brand and it’s heritage, this particular car had scrutineering stickers from the Goodwood Festival where it last ran up the hill in 2010.

A Porsche 935 Long tail, one of the original monster turbocharged race cars.

This particular car like many of it’s era was quite prone to oil leaks, the factory chose to simply put a drip pan under the engine to keep the floor clean rather than hide it.

A car that most Porsche enthusiast lust over, the RS 2.7 Coupe. Today there are likely more replicas of these on the road than originals, so seeing the real thing in the flesh was quite the treat.

3 of the most iconic modern Porsches all lined up in a row in race car form: 959, 993 and 996 GT1.

The Porsche 917 gave Porsche it’s first Lemans overall win and dominated in the early 70s, a cherished time long before rules constraints limited manufactures involvement as it does today. The flat 12 cylinder engine had many configurations both NA and Turbo, but was known to produce over 1,000hp and propelled the car to speeds over 240mph on the long Mulsaane straight.

The Pink Pig is one of the most recognizable of the 917s for it’s aerodynamic wider stance, however it was only entered into one race before being retired after a crash. The car was an aerodynamic research car that became so wide it would no longer fit in a standard transporter, after it’s sponsor declined having its decals on the car, it was painted in honor of it’s nickname which translates to “the pink pig”.

An exploded view of the famous flat 12 engine the powered the majority of the 917s (an experimental flat 16 was tested but discontinued after the turbocharged 12 version proved quicker in testing).

The Porsche Museum should be on any Porsche or automotive enthusiasts bucket list, very few places in the world house as much racing and automotive history as one can find under this roof. Next to the museum is the factory where most modern Porsches are born, and I’m anxious to do a return trip in better weather to see the production process in person after visiting the factory. For now it’s one more line scratched off my bucket list.