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Axis vs Allied Powers

June 28th, 2011 Comments off

Titan Motorsports has had the pleasure of working on a wide variety of cars these last few months, and the shop has been busier than the beaches of Normandy in ’44! With that said, we have a bit of a “Power” struggle going on in the shop right now; Axis vs. Allies!

We’ll start with the “Allies”. Here we have a perfect American example. Not surprising it makes over-kill power, backed up with a muscular, menacing presence. This big boy is supercharged and ready to overpower opponents on a whim.

Here we have more of a refined approach. Similar to its “Allied” counter-part here, it too is supercharged, much like many of the British Spitfire and American P-51 Mustangs of WWII.

Representing the “Axis Powers” we start with a German example. This BMW 650i represents the performance “War Machine” that is BMW. Each of their cars may have a different level of luxury, but they all get a healthy dose of power and performance straight from the factory

Finally, we round out the “Axis Powers” with this Italian performer, who definitely shows close ties with its German affiliates (namely using many German parts). With attention to detail, and power to boot, this Bull is ready for anything the “Allies” can throw at it.

So, which side do you think would win our World War Shop Battle?

Titan Gallardo takes a few hot laps around Sebring International Raceway

June 2nd, 2011 Comments off

Brandon Connelly and Peter Tromboni snapped these great pictures of our Gallardo Twin Turbo at Sebring International during the inaugural FCRA event. We invited accomplished driver and coach Jon Miller took the car out for 10-12 hot laps, with over 850hp on tap on 93 octane the car was exceptionally fast on track. We were able to achieve great cornering speeds with the Toyo R888s on the car, and managed to hit 185mph entering the braking zone for turn 17, a speed rarely seen at Sebring aside from LMP cars. The factory brakes weren’t happy stopping the car from such speeds, so a pad upgrade will be in the cars future for future track outings. After a day in the heat we couldn’t be more happy with how the car performed and look forwards to more track testing at Sebring in the near future. The heat, varying pavement conditions, 3 long straights, and plenty of treacherous corners throughout it’s 3.7 mile length make it the perfect place to take a car like this to it’s limits and gather valuable data.

Titan Motorsports Twin Turbo Lamborghini

February 14th, 2011 Comments off

Yoshihiko Yamada, President of Denso, takes a ride in the Titan Motorsports Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo while visiting our Orlando headquarters. In its current configuration, the car makes over 850 horsepower at the wheels on the factory engine utilizing 93 octane pump gasoline and 1090 on C16 race fuel. We will let Mr. Yamada’s reaction speak for how terrifyingly quick this all wheel drive machine really is!