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Eurotrip Part 1: Titan Motorsports at the Autosport International Show in UK

January 24th, 2013 Comments off

Titan Motorsports displayed at the Autosport International Show January 10-13 at the NEC Center in Birmingham England. Our booth was joined by our technology and distribution partners Manley Performance and Fidanza to display our latest products and distribution news to our European customers. We exhibited in the Engineering Hall this year which spans the first 2 days of the show and is geared towards those in the automotive engineering and trade business. In addition to the Engineering Hall there is a main hall geared towards the public that runs the entire 4 days with automotive and parts displays that would satisfy most any gear heads appetites. In this hall we were treated to many great cars not found in the states such as the latest Noble, Ginetta, Mono, and plenty of race cars including this years F1 lineup. The Autosport show is one of the few shows where you can see in depth the engineering and manufacturing side of what goes into building the most extreme vehicles in motorsports, and venture into the next hall and see the completed vehicles on display.

In the booth next to ours, Schroth had Bugatti Veyron engine on display along which had parts from the OEM development side.

After marveling at the Veyron engine and the engineering behind it, seeing the factory intake manifold in the Capricorn Group’s booth completely blew me away.

Looking for a Sequential transmision for your endurance racer made completely from billet? Albins has you covered.

The 991 Porsche cup car was just released in images for the general public to see, but at Autosport you can see in depth the parts that make it the competitive machine it it, like these massive brakes from PFC.

Once you got past all of the high tech parts on display there were plenty of cars new and old to marvel at, like a handful of F1 cars from decades past.

SATS Motorsports who we’ve sponsored for the past few years also unvield their Drift Supras new livery, big things are in the works for 2013 and we look forward to expanding on this partnership and helping the team with their latest goals.

Mclaren F1 cars are rare cars to begin with,seeing a F1 GTR is a once in a lifetime occurance, this one was owned by Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason.

If the newer Mclaren cars are more your thing, the latest Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 was a few steps away.

Although still not massively popular in the US like Nascar, people in Europe go crazy over F1 and Autosport caters to this by offering a rare display of the previous years F1 cars displayed for racing fans to see in the flesh. I personally enjoyed being able to compare the minute differences of each car only possibly by starting at them all a few feet from each other.

After the show was over, we packed up our booth and left Birmingham to continue our trip by spending a few days recouperating in London. From there it was a quick flight to Germany to spend a few days braving the cold and exploring a pair of automotive enthusiasts automotive meccas in Stuttgart, expect additional posts on that in the coming days.

Titan Motorsports displays at the Performance Racing Industry Show in Orlando,FL

December 7th, 2011 Comments off

The 24th annual Performance Racing Industry show took place this past weekend, and Titan Motorsports was proud to be a displaying vendor amongst thousands of attendees in our hometown of Orlando, Florida. This industry only show takes place at the Orlando convention center and is attended by over 40,000 buyers from around the world. The show features suppliers and parts for all forms of motorsports from Nascar to monster truck racing to offshore marine. There is also a section of the show devoted entirely to fabrication and machine shops showing off the latest in CNCs and machinery to help make going fast easier. This was our first year displaying at the show, and we received a warm response from attendees and vendors attending the show. In addition to our Titan Gallardo Twin Turbo displayed in our booth, we also had our Camouflage Porsche 996tt, Scion TC Outlaw drag car, and George Bonafede’s Nissan GTR on displayed throughout the convention.

We would like to thank Bosch, Brembo, Carbonetic, Cometic, Eagle, Fidanza, Haltech, Hypertune, Injector Dynamics, and Supertech, our great partners whose support helped make our booth possible.

Titan Open House Event Begins Tomorrow

March 5th, 2010 Comments off

Come out and support our Titan Open House, tomorrow, Saturday March 6th. The proceeds of the car show and dyno competition go to charity, as well as the money generated from the raffle. There are tons of cool prizes to be won in the raffle, including a Supra radiator from Fluidyne, 5 complete wrench kits from Fragola, a head gasket from Cometic, an LM-2 kit and XD-16 gauge from Innovate, 5 sets of pads from Hawk, a bucket full of Mothers car care products, and various certificates for product from Borla, Fidanza, Eibach, Gates, and BC Racing, just to name a few! And if that wasn’t reason enough to come out, we will be giving out free food courtesy of Tijuana Flats. For more information, check out our official page.

Limited Edition 4G63 Fidanza Cam Gears In Stock!!

November 19th, 2009 Comments off

Normally these Fidanza cam gears come in red, blue, or silver, but are being offered in limited quantities in black.We have a few Limited Edition 4G63 Fidanza Cam Gears in stock. These Fidanza adjustable cam gears are made from the highest quality 6061 T6 aluminum. They are CNC machined to more exacting tolerances than original gears. The tooth edges are beveled to increase belt life. With 12 degrees (both advance & retard) of laser etched adjustments you can be assured of proper tuning.

The inner ring is designed for strength, function, and precision. Stainless steel studs are threaded through the backside of the outer gear. The inner gear is then fastened with stainless steel nuts and lockwashers. this enables an increase in the amount of torque used to tighten the fasteners, with no risk of stretching to the aluminum threads. All chain drive gears have a 1050 steel outer sprocket.

Applications: Eclipse: 90-99 Evo: 03-06

Fidanza Announces New 2010 Camaro Twin Disc

September 2nd, 2009 Comments off

For far too long the use of a twin disc clutch meant that you had to sacrafice driveability. They were on and off switches that you dare not use on the street. But when you have a car making too much horsepower for a conventional clutch set-up, what were you to do? Now there is an answer!

The new Fidanza twin disc clutch kits are designed to hold up to 900 ft/lb of torque. This is achieved by using state of the art materials and incredible designs. All this holding power does not mean that driveability is lost. Pedal feel is virtually unchanged and engagement is as smooth as our 3.2 kevlar single disc unit.


At only 8 3/4″ in diameter, we have also kept down the rotating mass to further improve performance.

The kit not only includes the pressure plate and both discs, but also a state of the art high quality performance flywheel.

6.5 Carbon organic Twin Disc

  • 600 ft. lbs. torque capacity
  • smooth engagement and drivability
  • Completely rebuildable
  • Kit weighs 33.5 lbs
  • Near stock pedal pressure
  • Reduced rotational mass off the crank
  • Increased power capacity over stock for a wide range of modifications and or driving styles
  • 8 3/4″ x 26 x 11/8 disc dimensions

7.6 Ceramic Twin Disc

  • 900 ft. lbs. torque capacity
  • Semi agressive engagement
  • Completely rebuildable
  • Kit weighs 33.5 lbs
  • Near stock pedal pressure
  • Reduced rotational mass off the crank
  • Increased power capacity over 6.5 for forced induction and extreme motor builds
  • 8 3/4″ x 26 x 11/8 disc dimensions