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2013 Nissan GTR gets host of Upgrades before heading to South Africa

April 30th, 2013 Comments off

We’ve shipped cars and parts all around the world for over a decade, however occasionally we get a request that is a bit outside our normal radar. This particular GTR was one such case, arriving at our door with nothing but delivery miles on the odometer the owner was looking to upgrade his newly purchased GTR before it was exported to his home country, of South Africa. He was quite happy with the GTR’s performance, but wanted it a bit sportier, and like most was not impressed with the factory interior options. We’re always up for a good challenge, and with a quick turnaround time we were able to delivery upon the owners wishes before handling the logistics of making sure the car arrived to South Africa in the same perfect condition it arrived.

he interior was completely dismantled and all panels wrapped with a high grade italian leather. The owner was happy wanted the interior to look factory just with finer materials. All panels including the rear factory plastics were carefully recovered in the same leather with gray stitching to provide contrast. The headliner was also upgraded with a Alcantara being the material of choice putting this GTR on the same level as its european competition.Anyone who opens the door and gets a quick smell of that fine italian leather knows this GTR interior is like no other.

The exhaust was upgraded to a Speed By Design mid pipe and catback exhaust section, however with strict laws in his home country the Titanium tips were swapped out for factory units to help the car fly under the radar. A Cobb access port tune helps make the most out of the exhaust upgrades and improve shifting with new shift algorithms installed as well.

67 Fastback Mustang Custom Stainless Exhaust System featuring QTP Cutouts.

November 13th, 2012 Comments off

Most know Titan Motorsports for our wild turbo charged imports, but our fabrication department works on a wide scope of vehicles whose owners are in search of exclusive one off performance parts. Case in point our good friend Ajay from Daya’s Custom Auto needed a custom exhaust for a 67 Mustang he’s been restoring for himself over the last 1-2 years. Given Ajay’s eye for perfection he needed a custom exhaust setup that would match the high quality restoration already in progress and make sure the small block Ford power plant could breath properly and produce the horsepower needed to shred the tires on the 67. Starting with a box full of mandrel bent 3 inch stainless steel straights and 90s, we built a custom exhaust setup featuring QTP Electronic Cutouts and high flow mufflers. The QTP exhaust cutouts allow a set of valves to be electronically controlled from the cockpit which route the exhaust gas either from a dump valve just past the header or out the back through a set of high flow mufflers. The results is a quality exhaust that will stand the test of time, and allow Ajay to wake it up on the weekends at the press of a button or cruise quietly out the neighborhood without becoming enemy number 1 of his HOA. With our in house fabrication department we can build custom headers and exhaust systems for any vehicle and tailor the fitment and sound to the owners exact specifications.

E Kanoo Racing Outlaw Supra resets Quickest Supra in the World Record

October 29th, 2012 Comments off

The E Kanoo Racing Supra recorded a new personal best and further entrenched itself in the records books at the Bahrain National Drag Racing Championship Round 1 with a 6.342 @ 218 MPH pass. The car was built and supported by the Titan Motorsports team with veteran driver Gary White behind the wheel. On a qualifying pass the car also recorded a new personal best speed of 222.5mph. The Outlaw chassis car now holds ranks for quickest and fastest Supra, quickest 3/4 chassis import, and is now the 3rd quickest import in history. The team continues their quest for the record books with another trip to Bahrain in December with the goal of becoming the quickest import in the world.

One Wild Prowler show car gets a bit Wilder at Titan Motorsports

July 26th, 2012 Comments off

While it may not be the fastest production car out there, the Plymouth Prowler became a fan favorite after it’s release in 1997 for it’s hot rod looks and sleek design. Ralph McLaughlin had previously worked with us on his Aston Martin Vantage, and having seen pictures of the one-off 2JZ Prowler we had built, wanted to see what we could do with his Prowler. The car is primarily used for car shows and arrived in beautiful condition with plenty of previously installed modifications. Having already won many shows in its current form, Ralph wanted us to take some inspiration from the car and further upgrade it to take things to the next level for future events.

Brembo does not offer a BBK Kit for the Prowler, however we created a one off version on the 2JZ Prowler using custom CNC Brackets and hats. Having seen how good the massive brake kit looked on that car, Ralph wanted the same kit for his Prowler to make it stand out at the many car shows he attends with the car. We went back to our records and worked with Brembo to complete a full update package and they were installed on the car without a hitch. To further give the brakes a custom touch we applied a fresh coat of jet black paint to match the exterior with the Prowler logo painted on in silver.

After completing the brake upgrade the factory wheels would no longer clear the massive Brembo calipers. Wanting to maintain the wild stance of the Prowler, we installed a set of custom painted Black and Chrome Asanti AF162’s in a massive 19″ front and 22″ rear. While the brakes were being painted we also addressed a tear in the factory roof by installing a new custom soft top.

The car arrived with plenty of chrome and the wild color changing flame job on the front, so no additional changes were needed on this front. Karim at Superior Detailing made sure the car had a fresh coat of wax and spotless exterior prior to its transport back to Ralph’s residence for him to enjoy. Karim has detailed many of our projects and equally as many exotics, and was amazed at the depth and quality of the paint job on the car, whoever laid the brilliant flames outdid themselves.

WickedSC – 848hp SC300 built by Titan Motorsports

January 12th, 2012 Comments off

We recently completed this stunning Lexus SC300 for Jerome Williams after an detail intensive long term build. This SC300 features a stock 2JZ shortblock making over 848hp on E85 fuel. It’s chromed out engine bay features many one-off pieces fabricated strictly for this build. The modifications don’t stop at the engine bay, this complete build features a Vertex body kit, black diamond paint, Brembo big brake kit, Auto Couture wheels, and a host of other modifications that truly make it one WickedSC.

Top Speed Ukraine Sets New Record / Crowned Russian Champs

September 28th, 2011 Comments off

Congratulations to Andrey Kravchenko of Top Speed Ukraine for winning the Russian Championship Finals and setting a new European record with an 8.164 at 168mph! Andrey has been building and racing this car for a few years now and all the hard work (and awesome parts from Titan) is paying off. Check out the videos below to see Andrey man-handle the GT-R down the track.

New record

and backed up in the finals!

Top Speed R32 Sets New Record!

August 30th, 2011 Comments off

The guys from Top Speed Ukraine are at it again in their monster R32. Andrey Kravchenko, who drives and tunes this GT-R, just set a new record down the 1320! Check out the video to see this Skyline in action.

Stillen Supercharged 370Z

August 9th, 2011 Comments off

We just wrapped a supercharger install on this great looking Nissan 370Z. When the car arrived it made 274hp on our Dynojet in naturally aspirated form. After installing the Stillen bolt on Supercharger and supporting mods we strapped the 370z back on the dyno, and after some custom tuning from UpRev to battle the harsh 100+ degree humid temperatures we’re experiencing in Florida, the car made 399whp. A nearly 125hp gain was achieved using this bolt-on supercharger system, and the car drives flawlessly in the street, even in the near monsoon like conditions we’re dealing with. Coupled with an oil cooler to keep oil temps down, and an AP Racing Big brake kit to help slow things down, this is one car sure to leave a smile on the owners face with every drive.


Devil In Red Dress

July 27th, 2011 Comments off

You guys may recognize this from the Axis vs. Allies post earlier this month. Before we returned it to the customer, we took it down to the studio to snap a few shots. Enjoy.

Axis vs Allied Powers

June 28th, 2011 Comments off

Titan Motorsports has had the pleasure of working on a wide variety of cars these last few months, and the shop has been busier than the beaches of Normandy in ’44! With that said, we have a bit of a “Power” struggle going on in the shop right now; Axis vs. Allies!

We’ll start with the “Allies”. Here we have a perfect American example. Not surprising it makes over-kill power, backed up with a muscular, menacing presence. This big boy is supercharged and ready to overpower opponents on a whim.

Here we have more of a refined approach. Similar to its “Allied” counter-part here, it too is supercharged, much like many of the British Spitfire and American P-51 Mustangs of WWII.

Representing the “Axis Powers” we start with a German example. This BMW 650i represents the performance “War Machine” that is BMW. Each of their cars may have a different level of luxury, but they all get a healthy dose of power and performance straight from the factory

Finally, we round out the “Axis Powers” with this Italian performer, who definitely shows close ties with its German affiliates (namely using many German parts). With attention to detail, and power to boot, this Bull is ready for anything the “Allies” can throw at it.

So, which side do you think would win our World War Shop Battle?